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For Sale: Green AKG Q701

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Green AKG Q701

Will Ship To: CONUS

Looking to sell a minty pair of AKG Q701.  Maybe about 50 hours on em.


$OLD + shipping + paypal fees(if not sent as gift)


Basically when I wasn't able to go to either Canjam or the Bay Area meet I went on this headphone buying spree and the time has come to thin the herd.



Comes with:


The headphones

The 10ft cord

The 20ft cord

The 1/8" -> 1/4" Adaptor


and the Box

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How do you think these compare to the K701? (if you've heard both)

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I heard the k701 only briefly but from my recollection the q701 are just the tiniest bit smoother.

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God I wish I had the money right now. If you still have them in a month from now I'll be happy to give them a new home :D

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