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For Sale: RELOOP RHP-10 - XXL 50mm Drivers - BASS Heaven!!!

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
RELOOP RHP-10 - XXL 50mm Drivers - BASS Heaven!!!

Will Ship To: Anywhere





MINT condition (10/10). Original box, invoice (2 years warranty) and all the acessories as they came from the store. Nomore than 50 hours listening on them.


These are the bass kings. Haven't heard anything of the sort to produce such a huge bass, while producing exceptional forward mids and smooth/realistic highs, due to the nature of the 50mm driver. I LOVE them to death, but just got the Triple Dynamic Driver JVC FXZ200 and this sale will help funding the purchase : )


I can feel the drivers shaking (ear massage) as low as 10HZ, so just imagine how the sub-bass rumble is and how DEEP it extends. Purr. wink.gif


These are one of the greatest headphones I've heard under 200€ period. If you want a headphone that shares some of the technical abilities of the ULTRASONE PRO 900 (bass) and Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO (detail) for a fraction of the cost, you got to try these. They literally transport you to a nightclub. Even for jazz they are brilliant with those impactful/DEEP bass notes and smooth, realistic highs. Drum solos is like being there, LIVE, or playing yourself. I would recommend them for bass/drum players, for monitoring. They can very well substitute your amplifier or monitor. For audiophiles, they provide unparaleled FUN at a very affordable price. Do not expect the levels of detail of a K701, but count with MUCH more fun (although detail is very good).


  • Enormous-scale deep bass sound is realized through extra large 50mm driver unit engineered exclusively by RELOOP


  • Specially design diaphragm creates ultra low frequencies for extra bass sound (3-30.000 Hz)



JUST 45€. + shipping (worldwide). They are selling for 89€. You save 45% on an almost brand new phone.





"Best DJ headphones. Highly recommended" - trustedreviews



Many people prefer these over the SONY XB1000, due to more bass impact, especially mid-bass, more forward mids (a bit recessed on the XB1000) and more natural/realistic highs.


If I tell you that I prefer these over the AKG K167 TIESTO's, you probably won't believe and I don't blame you, but they give me MUCH more fun while mantaining great definition/detail. SQ is excelent and the bass is the best I've heard. AKG K167 for studio applications (monitoring), RHP-10 for enjoying music. NO IEM can give you this bass. It makes you feel the music in a way that is impossible with IEMs and even with much more expensive headphones. They are my prefered bassphile phones at the moment, but the curiosity of trying the JVC FXZ200 with a built-in kelton subwoofer, is making me sell them. This is a VERY reluctant sale however. Have been opening and closing this sale countless times.


Think of the RHP-10 as a SONY XB500 (same hearthquake level bass) with MUCH better mids and highs. A more refined XB1000 if you will, but with the bass quantity of the XB500, which I thought impossible before listening to them. I haven't mentioned the XB700 since the RHP-10's play in a different league. Vastly superior.


P.S. Besides the THUNDEROUS deep-scale bass, the detail, the layering/instrument separation is amazing for the price. They outperform the 200€ AIAIAI TMA-1 in pretty much every aspect (definition, detail, clarity, treble sparkle, bass/sub-bass). The REMOVABLE CABLE is also a must, since you can improve the sound with a better cable. I've tried a silver cable and I got no words for the difference. Even DEEPER bass and (a whole) more detail.

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Many PMs received, lots of interest, if you really want them, better hurry before they go today : )

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Miow, how about the bass quantity (bass impact) of this RHP-10 compare to the Numark red wave that will give more earthquake to our ears? Sorry for my bad english.

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Hi BoyzSpirit,


They have exactly the same bass impact. The drivers are the same, produced in the same factory. Numark Red Wave, Reloop RHP-10 and Zomo HD1200. The RHP-10's are just a bit better tweaked in the mids and highs. A bit more clarity/resolution than the Numarks.

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Any photos that aren't stock photos?
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No camera at the moment pal. Sorry. But they look identical. lol.


BTW, I'm probably closing the classified tonight. It's just freakin' amazing when you can finnaly unite these levels of bass to these levels of detail in the same phone. It's like hearing to 2.1 speakers with an high-end subwoofer.

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CLOSED!!! Definitely a keeper.

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