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For Sale: Alessandro MS2 with extra pads.

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For Sale:
Alessandro MS2 with extra pads.

Will Ship To: USA

Selling my Alessandro MS2. I don't have the original packaging, and I am not the first owner (I'm fairly certain I'm the second). They are in extremely good condition, and I've barely put 30 hours on them myself. These came with the yellow flats, an extra set of donuts, and a pair of flats. All in good condition.


I will pay for FedEx-ground shipping; if you want to have them overnighted you will have to pay the difference (not sure how much that'd cost, would have to go to the FedEx store to find out). I'll be receiving money via PayPal, or if you have established sell/buy/trade feedback I'll accept mailed checks as well.


 I have two previous transactions under my belt, but they were before the switch over to the new forum system. See signature for my old feedback thread.


 For more pictures, go here: - if you want any particular shots taken, just let me know. Will get to them when I can.


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