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travel speakers

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dont know if this is right place to post but am having no responses elsewhere. I dont really need the bluetooth gimmick-just want good sound. monster clarity hd or the foxL or something else? this review is interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxobNuxtYtA but was wondering what the opinions here might be
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I own a few small travel speakers. I have the Monster iClarityHD and it's pretty good for around $50. Very little bass though. I also have an Altec Lansing IM227 which I love for the money - I paid $12 on Amazon. My favorite travel speaker is a little bigger but the sound is worth the extra size - the Logitech Pure-fi Anywhere 2. I purchased it refurbished from Logitech for $43. It sounds great with music. The other two are better suited for audio books, podcasts, etc. A friend of mine has the Jawbone Jambox and we compared it with the iClarityHD. The jambox had better bass but that was about it. I don't think it was worth almost $150 more.

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