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hulu plus; worth the monthly fee?

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Anyone else use this service and care to share their impressions and opinions on it?


I just signed up for 2 weeks free and am atm perusing their selection of Criterion collection films via the iPad app.  Was delighted to find they have a good number of Zatoichi movies, which is one of my very favorite movie franchises, so I'm definitely pleased so far.  Still, I'd love to hear others' views on this and whether they feel it's worth the monthly fee.  Many thanks!



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I had it, and appreciated that they have a good Criterion selection. Otoh I still got in-movie commercials, which was irritating enough to cancel. Maybe there was a user option to remove it, but I didn't check.

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I agree about the commercials. An absolute deal-killer in my book. 

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I tried the free trial and cancelled because of the commercials. 

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The selection was great but with Internet cable Netflix I don't really need it.
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I don't mind the commercials and with the lowered price (recent) I'm considering using it again. Plus allows you access to all current season shows and that's a huge plus. 


Commercials is something you just have to deal with, and there's a lot less of them than regular TV...and it's a 10th of the price of a cable package.

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^ I plan to pop in and out a month at a time as needed--mainly to watch the Criterions I don't want to buy.

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I've had probably 4 months of Hulu+ total, but do not have it now.


Hulu+ has never been worth the monthly fee for me. The shows I like have gradually been decreasingly available on hulu, and often they are on the non-plus if they are at all. Several shows I wanted to watch on console often were pc only. The ads are obnoxious and repetitive. It isn't worth watching for movies because of the ads, and if you want tv shows, Netflix has a better catalog for a minor cost difference.


Personally I have Netflix for streaming and Blockbuster for blu-rays and videogames. Netflix's value is going downhill as they continue to mismanage it, so I may drop it once I finish a couple shows I'm plowing through right now

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