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I'm interested in the 1000ANV but up till now I have read so many negative comments about it. So is it worth buying afterall?

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I am also thinking of getting a pair of these. Would you mind sharing the many negative comments you have read? 



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I heard ppl saying that the ck100 is so much better then 1000anv and the price is not justifiable. I've also heard comments saying that bass is a little too heavy.
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  I just want to say that is named "ATH" rather than "ATK".And if you want to buy ckw1000anv then why not consider the ck100pro?they are the same sound,not like the ck100,which is the champion of female vocal.ck1000anv and ck100pro both are balanced IEM,more detailed and more clear than ck100 but the female sound not as special as ck100.I know the ck100pro is more expensive than ckw1000anv,but it can still be a choice in my thought.But if you prefer to the sound of the elder ATHs,like the ck100,then the ckw1000anv may not let you down.But if you prefer to more clear and more original sound,the ck100pro will be suitable.Anyway,if I was you then I will just go out and have a listening by myself,it's more worth than just reading some comparison and imagining the sound in your brain.

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I tested both ck100 and ckw1000anv and I realized ckw1000anv sound nicer imo. The only problem with ckw1000anv is that music seems to overpower the vocals a little and the bass is on the heavier side. Had a bit of problem on the fitting as the dynamic driver is bigger than the normal ones.
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