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For Sale: Matrix m-stage amp for sale

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For Sale:
Matrix m-stage amp for sale

Will Ship To: UK

Have the really good Matrix m-stage amp for sale. Works very well with lower impedence 

headphones but even can drive 300 ohm phones to a usable level. Was great with my old

595s. Very good option for first amp. In perfect condition. Never left my study table. Not a

scratch. Read the review below for more info. Rated 23rd on top amp list on Head-fi! Not bad

for a starter amp :)


will post pic later today. 


as for postage, should cost you an extra 10 quid. 



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I will buy them from you, the amp and dac for the discussed price. Can you give details where to send payment via private message? (I can only private message twice daily) and I will send payment.

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