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travel speakers

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dont really need the bluetooth gimmick-just want good sound. 

monster clarity hd or the foxL or something else?

this review is interesting



but was wondering what the opinions here might be

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If no budget I would probably pick up the B&W MM-1s, they are ridiculously rugged and have hi-fi sound in a tiny box.

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if youre looking for some compact and has some good bass reproductions *as a small unit* and don't sound that bad. i anyways, would recommend you to get a pair of X-mini headphones.

very compact, and look really nice. they even have mono/stereo depending what speaker youre wanting. You can even buy more and *daisy chain* them together. To me anyways, i love them!


the ones in this video are the ones i own. X-mini 2 Capsule speaker. 

if you're looking into buying some, i would personally recommend you to get x-mini MAX-2 capsule speakers for the stereo.

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Well, I got the foxL and compared it to the Wowee that a friend of mine has. The foxL is clearly better than the wowee in the mid and treble. Although the wowee has the gimmick where it couples with the surface through a gel pad, (turns whatever it sits on into a subwoofer), the sound is not spacious but rather stuck in a box. The foxL is amazing for its small size. 

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Yep -- foxL is pretty damn amazing for its size.  Soundmatters has been know for making high performance sound bars and you can hear this in the foxL.  FWIW, the Jawbone utilizes the same technology under license.  I use the foxL when really on the go from my iPod Classic.  Great while lounging on the beach, sucking down cold San Mig's.  When not going so mobile I prefer UCubes --  really terrific when sound, size, weight and price are taken into consideration.  UCubes, however, are strictly USB powered.  

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Agreed on the foxLv2 being amazing for its size. Paired with a Cardas HPI, it's perfect for watching a quick movie on the go, or streaming lullabies via Bluetooth from the phone for the little ones.  





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Dual FOXL Platinum using the channel splitter (not shown). Amazing sound out of my RME DAC.

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Later you can add this to the dual FoxL mix. You can sign up to be notified when it will be available. They are still figuring out what production unit will be but was told this was close.






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Travel/portable speakers aren't really a popular topic from what i've searched.  I'm still a rookie when it comes to audiophiling but I might be able to help you here.  

I've owned several in the past year or so looking for the perfect travel speakers including Foxl v2, Jawbone Jambox, Monster Clarity Hd, Logitech Boom Box, & the Bose SoundLink v.1.


Hands down the Bose Soundlink has the best overall sound, its the loudest & clearest out of those 5, its really not even close.  The only bad thing is its big about the size of a toiletry bag or a thick paperback. Also it has a proprietary charger so u'll have to bring that with u when u travel. If i had to choose a cheaper option it would be the foxl2.  My dad won the bose in a raffle & just gave it to me so i got pretty lucky.





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