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Originally Posted by Slaughter View Post

Okay, got my DT250-250 and I am absolutely blown away. I honestly didn't think this type of sound was available in closed cans. The treble is a little more rolled off than would be ideal for me, but that is really nitpicking. The bass is excellent. Goes deep and is very tight, but still provides some rumble when called upon. The mids are amazing. I am very particular about vocals and these are excellent. Surprisingly they have just good enough volume and sound quality out of my iPhone4S, so that takes care of my occasional portable needs. Did I mention I am blown away? I have been A/B'ing with my HD580 (600 grills) and I am having a hard time choosing. Just when I think I found a flaw in the DT250, I switch to the 580 and the same flaw is there. The 580 has a bit more treble presence and air and a hair less boxy in the mids. I am still in the honeymoon phase, but the 580 might be on it's way out.


I feel very sorry for everyone looking for a neutral, mid-centric can who hasn't tried these. A lot of people are missing out on the best closed headphone I have come across. I am so glad I found this thread.


I have only shortly tried a friends HD600 and felt a kind of "clamp effect" not very comfortable


If I exclude the Senn's what does people find to be the best open headphone to compare if I like the DT250/250 (which I expect to do, just ordered) as my K701 does not really make me spin records





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Don't know where to put the DT250 when it's not on your ears? I can recommend this China case:






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Intrigued by the positive responses here without articulating exactly what is so great about the DT250 (250 ohm), I finally got myself a pair. The funny thing is, after some initial run-in and listen I also cannot pin point the exact strength of these headphones. The DT250 defiles the typical "hi-fi sound".


Even compare to the similarly priced Soundmagic HP100, the latter obviously have those audiophile qualities of larger soundstage and more details, PRAT, but the DT250 is more natural and inviting. May be it was because DT250 has a more even and flat frequency response, but I am not so sure. The SRH 840 also has a very flat frequency response but they do not sound the same to me.


I no longer has my DT150 around, but my impression is that it makes sense to own both. The DT250 may be more neutral, but the DT150 has a fuller mid-range, more of the toe-tapping factor and more fun to listen to.

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The naturalness and sheer listenability with all music are the key things about these cans. I don't think this exists in any other closed headphone. Compared to my cheaper dt280pro, they lack dynamics but they present music in a way almost like open cans in their effortlessness that is unmatched by any other closed cans I've heard.

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The world must be coming to an end... donunus, what happened to your DT250s??

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I still love the dt250s and really appreciate it for what it can do. I am just using the senns because I need more isolation where I am using them at. I also use speakers 50% of the time. Unlike some of the reviews I've done before of some cans that I have only liked in the beginning, the dt250-250 is something that hasn't lost its charm with me.

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Originally Posted by donunus View Post

The naturalness and sheer listenability with all music are the key things about these cans.


yeap, I would also characterise the DT250 as natural and listenable, but so do many attest to phones like HD 600, SRH 840, FA-003 and the like.


Do they have the massive soundstage that envelops - No, in fact they have a smaller headstage than a few others I heard.

Do they have gobs of details - certainly not lacking but only on par with many other phones at this price level.

Do they have a great tone and timbre - certainly warm and inviting, but not really distinguishing from the above other phones.

Do they have a juicy midrange - the DT150 is more so and lush in comparison.


I am still trying to tell what is it so allure to many others. One thing I notice is they are not particularly difficult to drive, but seem to respond well to amplifcation and come alive with more current. I guess I need a more powerful amp to really show these off.

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The fa-003 and the shure 840 arent as natural sounding. The hd600 is on par with these IMO. Well, If the hd600 has new pads, they are still slightly better to me but when the pads pass around 6 months, the beyers overtake the hd600 sq IMO.

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It has now been approximately six months since I've purchased the DT250-250.

Gripes: Null

Desire to Upgrade: Null


This is a truly brilliant headphone. beerchug.gif

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Originally Posted by Curly21029 View Post

It has now been approximately six months since I've purchased the DT250-250.

Gripes: Null

Desire to Upgrade: Null


This is a truly brilliant headphone. beerchug.gif

This, if it's anything like the DT150, it's the last reasonably priced headphone you will ever need

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Another happy owner of DT250-250 here.

I have taste in a wide range of music, from hard rock, folk, indie rock, punk, post-punk, britpop, electronic, etc. Therefore, an all arounder headphone was what i was looking for and I am going to use it in the office so it would better be closed back. I previously owned grado ms1 and beyer dt235. ms1 leaks too much sound, dt235 is a good starter for beyerdynamic but i found it has pronounced bass and recessed mids. However, i was impressed by beyerdynamic's refined sound, much unlike grado. i was leaning towards the middle of the two worlds. fast and punchy bass, proper mids, and enough tremble to get more details. After looking through this thread, i was sure dt250-250 was the one. 

Got it at a reasonable price at sonic sense. After plugging it into my asus xonar u3 sound card for the first listen, i found it muddy and soundstage squeezed. i know those are closed cans and they also need burning in, which didn't take long though, approximately a few days of casual listen rather than pink noise, those got much better. i found bass powerful yet not too overwhelming, mids very musical, a lot of detail in the highs. soundstage is also satisfying after i paired these with schiit magni i later bought. I am loving the cans more and more everyday. 

One minor con is the coiled cable. it is ok if i listen at my desk, but if on the go, the stock cable is heavy, causing a little more pressure on the left side than right, so i did a lot of research on the web and have to get a K190.00 1.5m cable for $35 (7 pin plug is hard to find in the US, 20ish shipped from UK). Since the cable is unterminated,  my soldering skill met a lot of challenges. The cable is also more bulky the the stock one, because it also includes 2 more wires for the mic on dt290, so you'd better find a solder jack with wider wire housing.  The 7 pin plug is longer than the one on dt250, causing the cable to stick to my shoulder a little when turning my head to left. Anyway, i got it done today. Much lighter than the coiled cable for it is 1.5m long.  Now i love these cans from every aspect.

PS: excuse me for my broken English. 


Pictures of my DT250 recabling:




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I'm a huge fan of the Audio Technica ATH-M50, but I'm also kind of interested in these Beyer's. Here's a graph comparing the two:


In my opinion, if I was gonna go for the flattest frequency response I'd stick with the ATH-M50's.

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I just become a member here because I' wanted to thank donunus and you all for creating this whole DT250 appreciation thread. 


Thanks to you, I was able to meet DT250, learn (and also experienced) about 80 vs 250 difference, and get DT250/250. You saved me so much cost to find natural sounding phone that costs only as much as $150 or so. To my ears, or more precisely, to my brain, the dt250 is VERY natural sounding (within the set of all entry level closed can), no too much base, no too forward mid, no (or negligibly subtle) fatiguing highs. I'm a kind of guy who hate to convince myself how I'm hearing a good sound and DT250/250 fits to my need soooo well for its price!


Hi Trance88, I have both m50 and dt250, and the comparison graph does also reflect my listening experience, but I think m50 leans toward being boomy whereas dt250 does not. The low range of any closed can, because of its structure, sound louder than what the graph represents. So graph does correlate well with my listening experience, though experientially dt250 is flatter and natural. Open cans tend to be the opposite, their low range tend to sound less substantial than what the graph shows (of course these are all relative terms) I still like my m50 , and dt250 did sound like reduced fat food initially, but once I stepped out of that exciting but exhausting disneyland, I was able to appreciate the natural world of dt250, to speak metaphorically.


But tbh I can care less if how I reason were wrong because I'm really happy to have this level of sound dt250 offers without spending so much money on audios. Thanks again to you all!

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I am glad I can point people to these relatively undiscovered gems with all the mediocre hyped up cans in this price range these days.

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Hmmm. I'd say it's definitely worth giving the DT250 a shot. I'm guessing they're more natural sounding than, say, the DT770 pro? More than likely I'd get the 80 ohm version since I don't believe I have a proper amp to drive the 250 ohm version. My vintage Technics SA-200 is basically my "headphone amp". 

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