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I actually just listened to them with the fiio e12 and an ALO international and I still prefer them a little more on the o2

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Hello everyone

this is my first post on this forum



i've just bought a DT-250 / 80


1/ I use it to play electric guitar silently at night : very very good result ! it's like my head is sticked inside my amp !!


2/ I also use it to listen music (and voice podcast) on the train daily.

my mp3 player is a Cowon D2+

I find the headphone a little harsh on trebles

do you have this feeling ?


i'm trying to do my best with EQ and BBE plugins (native on every Cowon player) and it's quite ok but sill a little too bright

but very articulate

every detail shines


my question for you :

do you use to set set particular EQ for your DT250 ? what kind of settings ?


I've studied the DT250 graph (find somewhere on this forum) and tried to fill in the holes :

(around 400 hz and 7 khz)

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Did you try lowering at around 9-10Khz? Though I found the DT250 not particularly fatiguing unless listening too loud. Also, try adjust your earcups up or down one notch.

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I will try

It's not easy to increase à 7khz and disgrease at 9 khz at the same time (my EQ only have 5 bands)

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Did you try without EQ?

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for the first try yes, i've use it flat

maybe i should try again, but it's hard to fine the perfect tuning, it can take weeks !

do you adjust EQ when using your DT250 ?


my previous headphone was a Shure SRH440

nice headphones but bad build quality

the arch broke after only 2 years !

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I rarely/never EQ for my normal listening. Maybe try use your DT250-80 for a day or two without EQ first. My DT250 look nearly as I first bought them besides some fluff on the earpads. Also be a little bit careful about getting the curl of the cord caught on anything.

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Hello. I've joined this forum specifically to ask about my 80 ohm dt250's. They are the first midprice-ish headphones i've had, bought on amazon from amazon themselves and although they are good i'm still a bit disappointed and wondering if there's something up with them or whether it's just what i'm using them with.

To me they sound to have a mid-range-biased sound. If they are intended to give an accurate rather than flattering impression the bass still seems a bit muted, and i don't even listen to bassy music, just having owned many musical instruments i listen for fidelity to what i've played.

I use them with my homebuilt pc, and in windows media player i boost about 4db at about 60hz and 16khz, and cut 2db at 900hz which seems to be where the, to me, wrong emphasis is. I approximate the same eq with linux or windows, and also on my kobo arc android tablet and sansa clip, the latter usually paired with koss ksc75's and a more apt eq for them.

I've also tried them with my digital piano but they are not as warm or bassy as some £30 sony's from argos.

I use a fiio e5 often with the tablet and always with the piano.

Is my impression of these 'phones because i'm not using premium hifi separates possibly? I will probably keep them because they are overall the best i have, though i continue to be awed by my ten quid ksc75's and porta pros.

Or does it sound to dt250 fans that i have a subjective but accurate view, and is unlikely that they have or could have a fault? By the way, i've had them maybe a month and given my quietish 41 year old's tastes they may not be optimumly burnt in. (Maybe i need to leave them running while i'm away with rock i no longer listen to on but would that really do much?)

Thanks for all feedback, and pardon the fairly layman-like terminology.

(edited to add the 80 ohm detail)
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Do you have the DT250-80 or DT250-250s? Sounds like the 80 ohm version if you are raising 4db at 16KHz. The way I remember them is that they sound rather plain, but they don't really do anything wrong.

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I will try to use them flat for a while, thanks for the idea.


one more remark :


I use them with a Cowon D2+ player


the volume scale goes up to 50.


to have a nice volume (outdoor/train) I need to set the volume to 40 for music and near 50 for voice podcasts

(it was around 25 with my Shure SRH440 - it has a lower impedance).


I hope the volume of my Cowon is linear and doesn't add any saturation...

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I find them really boring, Is there anything I can do to make them more exciting. 

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For me they are not so boring

they are studio headphones, not really dedicated to listen music in a train like I use to do

and this is why i've bought them : to play my guitar at night


I am currently setting up my EQ flat, then I'll try to lower progressively the treble around 9 khz

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The reason why the dt250-80 is fatiguing is because they rolloff the treble above the peak. The dt250-250 has no such issue. If you could still trade in your cans for the 250 ohm version, do it :)

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Namaiki, what do you hear in particular that would make you suggest this, in spite of enjoying the overall trble response? Was it simply based on that plot (or another)?



I was only going by on the golden ears CSD graph. Personally, I don't find the DT250-80s fatiguing at all and I preferred them over the DT250-250s for that reason. Though the 250 ohm is technically better, I seem to like how the 80 ohm sounds dark, a bit dry in the middle and still fudgy/bassy at the bottom.


Talking about that peak (which isn't really razor sharp), I think it makes the headphones sound more open.

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