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I have had both and preferred the 80ohm mainly for the vocal sound. The vocal is a little more up front and they are a little more forgiving of poor quality recordings. It was a close call and I could have gone either way really but something drew me to the sound of the 80ohm and I haven't regretted it since moving the 250ohm on.
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Thanks for the responses. At the moment, I think I prefer the 80ohm version. For the kind of sound that the 250ohm version has, it's like the W1000X bests it (or perhaps the DT250-250 is simply too flat for my tastes), but the 80ohm has a different kind of sound to the other two which is also less fatiguing.


Anyway, I think I will try use 250ohm version for a week and then see if I think any different of it.

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try the dt250-250 with different media players, sources and amps to get an idea of how they scale too. The 80 ohm version is less transparent making them scale less with different sources.

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Originally Posted by namaiki View Post

A little bump.


Just wondering if there's anyone here who has tried both the DT250-250 and DT250-80 and prefers the 80ohm version due to it's sound? (e.g. not someone who believes that the 80ohm version has the "same" sound quality as the 250ohm version but is easier to drive)

I also owned both and prefer the 250 ohm hands down.

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The DT250-250's were the second pair of "real" headphones I owned, second to the DT880's. I bought them to have the Beyer sound on the go, as well as at home. Loved them. Always loved their clean presentation. Didn't sound artificial, like many of the cheap headphones I had before. Decent isolation. Comfortable for long periods of time. Velour for comfort. Coiled cable. (I like coiled cables.) Nearly indestructible under normal use. Sadly they died several years ago after being crushed on a overcrowded airport bus. Tough as they are, when they're in a bag, on a bus, at the bottom of a 6 foot stack of baggage, they don't hold up. (Pro Tip: Never put headphones in any kind of luggage you are not personally holding in your lap:)


Ended up not replacing them due to financial constraints. Eventually moved on and purchased some closed AKG's to replace them. (K271 & K171). Love the K271's, but the K171's just aren't a good fit with glasses. They're too big to be on ear, (like the Sennheiser HD-25 or Beyerdynamic DT-1350, but too small to be circumaural.) The sound is fine, I just can't wear them for more than about half an hour with glasses. The DT250's were fine with glasses and are circumaural on me.


I have been looking around for a new pair of DT250-250's to replace the K171's, and have noticed that the 250ohm model is becoming much harder to get. All the online stores I've looked at are only carrying the 80 ohm version. The only store I've found that carries the 250 ohm version shows it as being a special order item with a lead time of 6-10 weeks. The 80 ohm version is in stock, ready to ship today. I already know I want the 250ohm version. Anyone know of any online store's carrying the 250 ohm version? Thanks.

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Try here... I'm sure you can get them around $160 if you send them an offer or give them a call.


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Regarding the difference between the 80 and 250 ohm version, I'd like to copy a comment from another thread, probably from Peter Grooff of Beyerdynamic:


"thank you for your mail! The 80 ohms and 250 ohms transducers differ both in mechanics and sound: the 80 ohms model has a quite long overhang voicecoil which offers a very high power handling (for full throttle use in recording studios for example). For this, we need a lot of copper for the voice coil making the moving mass (diaphragm and voice coil weight) higher than in a 250 ohms transducer. The higher impedance model has a lighter and shorter underhang voice coil and therefore sounds more detailed, more controlled. Both will work with an Ipod, the 80 ohms version will propably play slightly louder than the 250 ohms version, but as you plan to use them with the Benchmark headphone amp, i personally would prefer the 250 ohms phones for sound reasons and accept a slightly lower maximum volume from the Ipod. Or you take both ;-)
Hope, this helps!"





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Nice case... where from?





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Originally Posted by jamescodway View Post

Nice case... where from?





That's Beyer's own bag, available from Thomann and others. More in this thread:



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Originally Posted by donunus View Post

Try here... I'm sure you can get them around $160 if you send them an offer or give them a call.




Awesome! Thanks a lot!

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Muhahaha. I think I've finally grown into my 250ohm DT250s.


On my 80ohm model, I had the earcups adjusted so that each is 3 steps down, but on my 250ohm which is newer and has a stiffer headband I need to bring the cups down 7 steps to make it perfectly comfortable. I find the 250ohm less fatiguing/easier on the ears/eardrums as well.


However, it would be a bit of a stretch to say that I like the DT250-250s more than my ATH-W1000X which have a more intimate though I'm guessing also more coloured sound for female vocals.


I guess ATH-W1000X for at my table and DT250-250 if I ever go travelling/while doing things around the house? :D

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what amp are you using with them by the way?

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Still just my Audinst HUD-MX1. I have a DACport on the way.

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Ok. Although the dacport is supposedly real nice, I get the feeling that they will still be a little underpowered. The O2 is really nice with these cans by the way. These cans want to be controlled with power IMO to lose the soft edge. I might get a better dac than my e10 later too but the dt250-250 seems to be more forgiving of different dacs than amps from the ones I've tried.

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I purchased the DACport because of headfonia and nwavguys' mentions on their blogs. I'd probably have gotten a ODA it were available. I guess I'll have to see after I receive the DACport and again in a few months when the ODA is released - I won't get an O2/ODAC because I'm sure the ODA will be an improvement over it.


I must say though that my DT250-250s are the headphones that have lowest fatigue for me, that I could wear these all day and the most likely for me to recommend to others for purchase.

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