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For Sale:
Audeze LCD-3

Will Ship To: CONUS

Bought these recently here because I really wanted to try out the Audeze cans.  The effortless presentation of the orthos re-ignited my love of the electrostats so I am going to head in that direction.  Also, they were just a little too heavy for my head during long listening sessions despite the nice headband.


These headphones were a recent replacement pair sent out by Audeze and don't appear to be a veiled version as they have the slight bump in the 2-3k region as opposed to the usual telltale downward slop.  The only difference between the above ad and now is that I have used the 1/4 inch cable and listened to the phones for about 5 hours.


I would like $OLD, which includes fully insured shipping CONUS and paypal fee if any.


Will include travel case, documents, wood care kit, 1/4 inch cable, unused 4-pin xlr cable and the double shipping box.


Please PM with any questions.


EDIT: Actually found a pair of Stax SR-007 MK I so I am lowering the price to encourage a quick sell.

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