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Originally posted by penbat
As i understand it, one reason why the SD is so cheap is the manufacturing method and that fact that the parts are from China. While the XP-7, for example, has a more hand-crafted, manual manufacturing method.

Anyway it will probably cost $150 rather than $99.
What about the PPA. This amp cost over $200 in parts alone. Usually more. I'm sure that's the case with XP-7 as well. Xin may use the best parts but it's also the best parts that will work for his micro size amps. So he has to compromise size vs sound quality and he chooses size. So this will now be the best amp in it's size category and may sound even better than some slightly bigger. I can't imagine some of these other amps are using big part just for the hell of it.

The big advantage of his amps is they work great for portable devices for everyday use. Lugging a PPA or XP-7 everywhere can be a bit much.

I don't think I will even take my PPA with me on a plane trip because of security and the hassle. I had a Meta42 amp on a plane with ety headphones and the stewardess thought it was a bomb and I couldn't even hear asking me about it because of the ety's. I think it freaked her out even more because I didn't respond. My girlfriend told her what it was and told me what happened later.
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Yep the SD is probably worth me buying as i most often listen to my IPod/E5 walking or travelling around. As long as it gives a significant sound quality benefit over an unamped Ipod/E5 then it is worth having.

I may also consider having an XP-7 for home use, except that one issue i need to resolve is the UK requirement of 240V for the XP-7 power supply. Anyone know how i can resolve this ?

Might i get an SD power supply issue getting it to work in the UK with 240V ?
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XP-7 dedicated power supply.

The dedicated power supply for the Emmeline XP-7 works with either 110-120 VAC or 220-240 VAC.
Ray Samuels
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- lindrone, I have not had the issue with the 3d imaging on the SuperDual although I also have not even switched the XinFeed to the "On" position. I will experiment with the Dual and the imaging tests tonight when I get a few spare minutes. I have a few tracks that I use to test this normally that have far left/right instrument placement or have very pronounced "panning" effects. However, I can say that I did not notice any MONO type sound from my Dual. I will update in the next 12-18 hours.

- penbat, I believe Xin has a post on his forum in the SuperDual thread about using the amp with EU voltages (oops, see post below, but I just realized that it was your post that he replied to on the other forum. lol.)

- One thing to note, the SuperDual is going to be priced above the $100 level, probably settling in around the SuperMicro price.
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Quote from Xin's forums:

"The AC adapter will accept both 240V and 110V."

I am guessing that the production model will have a different power supply than the one I got to test with b/c mine is a standard Rat Shack 9V 1300mA AC-DC converter that is rated for 120V usage only.
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imaging in the middle

Re-checked the imaging tonight and it's still defective. The only thing I can think of is that it did fall onto the floor one timeā€“from desk height onto a concrete floor, it looked and seemed OK though. I must admit I haven't been listening for imaging much on this amp.

lindrone: The Bass becomes excessive when the built in Ety4p-s adapter is enabled (switch right). It sounds like Bass Boost and makes the Bass out of proportion with the rest of the sound, we must have pushed it over.

The Xinfeed is really subtle. You get no indication that its on (except switch position). You have to really listen and turn the switch on and off several times to hear its effects. But if this amp's defective...

iamdone: Flight attendant feed back from my last flight with a SuperMicro connected to my PowerBook and 2 pair of Etys connected: "Hey, what's that movie you're watching?" Then she proceeds over to the intercom and launched into her rendition of Silent Night and other selected Christmas Carols. Nancy the singing FA. I was really glad for the isolation qualities of the Etys.
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Re: imaging in the middle

Originally posted by bobjew
lindrone: The Bass becomes excessive when the built in Ety4p-s adapter is enabled (switch right). It sounds like Bass Boost and makes the Bass out of proportion with the rest of the sound, we must have pushed it over.
That's another problem I had with Xin's amps in general. We need some sort of indicator on which switch is which, and what does what. It's hard to remember where the position of the switch is.

I actually tried the switch both ways when I was listening to it. In one direction, everything turns tiny and makes very, very little sound... I assumed that this was the extra impedance. When I turned it the other way, it became more normal volume level... that's how I listened to it.

Which position is which?!
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Xin sent a diagram with my Dual. On the row of three buttons on the top, the XinFeed is on the left (left is off, right is on), power is in the middle (left is on, right is off), and 4p-4s is on the right (left is +75ohms, right is +0 ohnms).

Input is the connector on the left and output is on the right next to the power input connector.

FWIW, the few tests I was able to do tonight before I had to do some real work seemed to indicate that the L/R imaging on my SuperDual was working OK. I could get a bit of a change by switching the XinFeed On. More extensive tests tomorrow AM. Got to get some sleep now.
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Originally posted by cmascatello
4p-4s is on the right (left is +75ohms, right is +0 ohnms).
In that case, I had the switch in the right place. Additional impedance made the E5 sound tinny. With the switched turned off, the E5 was booming with bass. Not that it's that bad of a thing... there's plenty of people who would just cry in joy when they hear the boom.
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