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First tour of Xin's SuperDual amp

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Well, I got my hands on a fourth generation prototype (and probably final) of the SuperDual today. It is built into a Serpac case with Xin's newest output buffer configuration. This particular case is a stock item from Serpac so all the holes and openings are drilled and made by Xin himself; just like the ones in the previous amps. The final production models of the SuperDual will have a case with the openings custom manufactured into the case by Serpac and should look very professional. This will be the only difference between this proto and the production version. The new cases will be available in translucent red, green, and blue with a matching on/off led light to match. I'm reading your mind in thinking that now you must have several in different colors, because as you take your amp around to different enviroments, you can now make points with your wife or that new girlfriend by showing her/him what great color sensitivity you have by matching your amp to the decor of whatever room in the house it happens to appear in. All you have to say is something like,"Oh, isn't it nice how my new amp picks up the red, green, blue (choose one) in this room?" Works every time, baby, you will be in like Flint! Time to get out of the doghouse with your gadgetry!

OK, onward. The power comes from a rechargable NIMH 9v type battery actual voltage is 7.2 with 150mah capacity. Xin says the amp will run for about 17 hours on a charge. The battery will not be removable and there will be a wall-wart type recharger that plugs into a small jack in the case. Xinfeed (crossfeed), digital volume control, Ety4p-s adpter also comes standard on this amp.

The opamp is an AD8610 running at a higher voltage than any other previous Xin amp. The result of this is better and bigger Bass, a full, more transparent midrange and very good high frequency control. Resolution is up from even the SuperMicro. Drums, strings and keyboards sound more realistic and rich than ever. There is better imaging than any other Xin creation due to the Dual Mono nature of the circuit. Images are bigger and more 3D than before.
This sample was slightly over-sibilant though, which I know will disappear with burn-in. This one is hot off the iron today!

All in all, the SuperDual is another good sized increment better in just about every way than any of the other Xin amps that preceeded it.

Pictures to come tomorrow and updates as burn-in progresses.
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I would love to have info on how the SuperDual works with a Shure E5c (and Ipod). Does it give better sound quality ? Is there any buzzing noise ? How does it compare to an XP-7 ?
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You are so lucky. Pictures and mini review maybe?
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Sounds intersting.....
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I don't like the idea of having the battery non-removeable...but then I DO own a Rio Karma, so maybe that part won't be so bad. Sounds like this is going to be one killer amp!
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I want a white one.. to match my iPod..
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i hope xin gets this right - his last few amps have been prone to more than a little exaggeration about their capabilities IMO. i can still remember claims of the smicro being 'as good as the ppa'..
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Expect to see a review from me of the SuperDual with the Shures and Etys at some point towards the end of this week. I am getting a tester unit of the Dual from Xin and the e5c and ER-4P (with or w/o Conversion Cable) are my travel canalphones.
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I'm looking forward to the reviews!
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Some pics...
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Wow it looks tiny. The cable itself seems to take up about as much bulk as the Superdual.

I'm hoping it will be truely portable so i can walk around the streets listening to E5C/Ipod/Superdual.
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Front view of the SuperDual-

the two lower left buttons are the digital volume controls -/+ volume

of the three middle switches...

left middle is Xinfeed on/off
middle middle is on/off
right middle is switch for Ety4p-s adapter
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This picture is attempting to show the LED indicator (upper right)
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Size and shape compared to a SuperMicro

The SuperDual is approx.
1-1/2" x 2-3/16" X 3/4"
40 x 55 x 18mm
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Input jack (from source)
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