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Question about LCD-2

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Hey guys,


was wondering if these have a problem with cracking since they are made from wood? I know HiFiman had problems with this, and i've seen one guy who said 2 pairs cracked. Whats the word on cracking with LCD-2? Headphones at the kilobuck level should last, and im seriously considering purchasing them, but if they crack in 2-3 years, well that's not so great. I may prefer the HE-500, the LCD2 seem to have the sound signature im after, having never heard them and only reading reviews.


And also, what about comfort? are they comfortable? I hear the Hifiman's got them beat there.

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I've had mine two and a half years and no wood cracking.  Opinions on comfort vary but it's never been one of their selling points.  All their headphones now carry a three year warranty so if something like cracking (not due to negligence) happens you should be covered.

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