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For Sale: BRAND NEW: Denon D2000.

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For Sale:
BRAND NEW: Denon D2000.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

These are basically brand new Denon D2000's. I got them at J&R about a month ago for $250, but I haven't been home at all lately so I'm listening to my new Atrios almost exclusively. No time to listen to full sized cans. I was going to just return them, but I removed the tape that keeps the headband from adjusting so I couldn't. Don't really want to lose much money on these. Like I said, they're basically brand new, with a total of maybe 5 days of listening within the past month. Absolutely flawless.


$225 +  $10 shipping within US. Don't really want to ship international unless you're willing to pay much more for shipping.


Best I could do with a ****ty camera phone:


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PM and reservation.

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2nd in line ..



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Pictures up guys! I don't know why head-fi made certain pictures small, but if you want bigger pictures I could run them through tinypic or whatever.


Edit: nvm fixed it.

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