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Radio Shack CD-3904 for $34.97 (Maybe last chance!)

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Price is good Friday through Monday only! Also, judging by the price ending in .97, the model is most likely going to be discontinued very soon. If you want a decent, powerful, cheap portable, go out and get this one.
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Thanks! I will pick one up for my Mom. Did you notice on the coupon it says:

"POS" Instructions

It's intended for the sales associate to enter certain keystrokes, but I would not want to be called POS!

Regards - reynman
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LOL, reynman...

It really is a pity this one's going to be discontinued. So powerful, so cheap -
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But I've got my powerful 15mw/ch Sony that's going to last forever so I'm happy. (knocking on wood)
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Just picked it up during my lunch hour and the last one too! My mom is going to be so happy. Maybe I'll pick one up for myself.

At the store, I recommended the player to a woman who was looking to buy a portable for her son. She said he likes to play his music loud. I said as any responsible audio nut woud say, "This portable's headphone out will drive any earbud/earphone plenty loud, but tell your son to listen responsibly."

As I strolled away with the portable, I heard the sales associate say, " He just bought the last one."


Regards - reynman
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Thanks for the heads-up. I found one down here in MD.
The headphone output struck me as almost painfully bright with SR-80's. The sound is much better through my CMOY/Leval amp.
Anybody else notice this?
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Unfortunately, Sony's don't last forever either. My sister informed be that my old Sony discman (christmas 1996) just died (mechanical failure). It did last long enough though and travelled half around the world .
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my old sony (manufactured December 1996!) also just died.... planned obselesence???
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Maybe I've just gotten used to it - because I've been using this combo for about a month now - but I really like the sound of the SR80s out of the 3904.

The sound of the SR80s out of the 3904 sure beats the heck out of the sound out of my Sony DEJ616.
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Well ...

I just picked one up at the warfarin hideaway.

I must say that even though it is big and bulky it is nonetheless ugly .

The problem is that it doesn't seem to read my CD's very well. These are originals which play fine on my Rotel/Gamma, Denon and Panasonic. Has anyone else had problems with this. I'll probably just return it for a replacement tomorrow, but they only had one left. Thanks for any info.

O.K. turned out to be a battery problem. Sounds better now. Even better with a wall wart and really good with the OBH-11. Really good deal for $35. I likey ...
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Thanks for the input. I think it is the sibillants that seem too pronounced, IMHO, on the SR80s. Everything else sounds great!

I think it looks rather good! I particularly like the clear lid so you can see the CD!!

ps another thing, the volume control works the other way round to all my other gadgets. I've blasted myself a couple of times (need a smiley with headphones and eek, + )
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