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the new cx 175 review . with cx 270 , cx 215 , cx 400 II , ue 350 and klipsch image s3 . should we go details ?

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        its not a popular can but from the world leader in can making . there no new batch , but this cx 175 looks to me like it is in for the old good cx 270 . but this is not like the 270 at all . the 270 was balanced in sound . and was not god at sound stage . cx 175 is not like that at all . its more fun , more at bass , with out compromising the mids and highs that much .

        now i have some time to write the comparison of this new can with cx 270 , cx 215 , cx 400 , ue 350 , image s3 .
       here is the link for the cans .

       here is my review of ue 350 .

she 9800 , ue 350 , and s3

the boxy guys .

cx 175

what ? is that a earphone design ?



the cx 400 with ue tips .



the box . nothing else , no pouch , no cable clip , but one thing that was not found in many sennhs is present here . find out if you can ( no not the design ) . i will tell you in the review .



the old young and kid . ( i was unable to find my cx 200 , so cx 215 is doing the feat .



let me help you , the one with out any design ( at the middle ) is of cx 400 II , the one on top is cx 215 and the one at bottom is the cx 175 .



this is it , an odd looking but good sounding earphone .



no this is not to feat in review , sorry . its above the class of all . open back you can see .

so lets set the bench mark .


cx 400 precision II :-

      its the most expensive of the lot , the good old cx 400 II is said to be bass hog , it is but not that much . its not above the ue 350 in this sinario . what comes under this is not any thing else then cx 270 in my list , who are to feat . it got bass , but dont go deep and the impact seems not big . the mids are good but not as good as klipsch s3 . highs are not bad , its like on par with the ue 350 . its short and dont go deep in ear . the sound signature is pleasant to hear . one thing rare in earphones is present here , volume controller . as you can see its not that bad , but can be not so good . one thumps up is you dont need to reach out your player to up or down the volume . some more eartips , a carry pouch , a cable winder and a shirt clip comes in box .

bass :- some of you may say its got nice specs to impress , its a more of controlled , the over all feel is nice but when you start comparing with a more bassy can the lack or should i say the depth and less impact can be felt easily , its like the xb21ex , you hear more and feel less , lack of air it is .


mids :-  its where these things shines the most , the mids are nice , not over shadowed by low freqs , cant say the most detailed , but its good for what you pay for , clarity is not bad , but in a numerous instrument playing song you cant get hold of some . still its good .

highs :- not bad but not the best part , its not detailed like the cx 500 , but good enough to keep you hearing them now and then .


bass :- 6.5/10 , mids :- 7.0/10 , highs :- 6/10 , isolation :- 7/10 . its good if you get a good fit . pull your ears up and push the cans down . dont push it too hard , you may get hurt . the signature if sound is really nice , its like not best in particular things but the package is good .


cx 270 :-
      i think this is being replaced by the new cx 175 , cuz they come in identical packs , and , and they both have a cable slider , which is missing in cx 400 and cx 215 and many , i think .

       bass here is low , its present , not missing at all but needs more then a hint of bass to produce it . its the lowest bass earphones here . mids are better then bass , on par with klipsch s3 , highs are better , between the cx 400 and s3 . dont have that hiss like s3 , but it dont have that sound to entertain that much .
bass :- 5.5/10 , mids :- 7.0/10 , highs :- 6.5/10 , isolation :- 7/10 . the can length is nice and dont need much of a push .


bass :- its not that prominent , but its not missing , a bit over the philips 9700 , if you like bass , you may crave for bass at quiet a many tracks , cuz these need a small kick to go boom . still you will get some if not all . its like , sennheiser is fooling us with bass sound , which they market it with .


mids :- its not at all shadowed by bass , cuz theres no bass hump , but some times it feels like there are something missing in the mids , like between the ( bass and mid ) and ( mid and high ) , but you cant complain about the mids at all cuz they dont disappoint at all and tries to make up for the glitches it has .


highs :- its like the she 9700 and s3 , harsh at times and you way not enjoy it cuz this is in here with bass dogs and your here for that bass bass thing , not a hissing harsh can are you ? its not like badd , but its bad . but if you like highs , its got details for you if not the most but good enough .


wont say the signature of sound is good , cuz its a hit or miss thing , you will like or or you will hate it , cuz of those potholes in the spectrum .

cx 215 :-

      its the lowest in the price range . cx 215 are the colored versions of the cx 200 . its got bass which is muddy , not that awesome mids neither the highs but the sound signature is pleasant , not harsh , not straining , you will hear the music and will enjoy the bass if not more . entry range is meant to do that only .


bass :- 7.5/10 , mids :- 6/10 , highs :- 5.5/10 , isolation :- 7/10 . the isolation seems same in all cuz they are made by same makers . and by same engineers too .

bass :-  the amount of is driven by the vents you can see around the can , it moves good amount of air for the impact and it dose good at impact , goes deep and over dose the mids . bass is its soul and it dose it nicely . muddy it goes at many tracks . over all you may like it if your in love with bass and bass only sound .

mids :- its not the best part of this can , but even its like a u spectrum , you wont miss the mid badly cuz they are not absent , but a bit of recessed , its got more blurness , and for the price you pay , you should not ask for it .

highs :- who here wants highs ? have you seen those bass vents ? even if these can make high freqs , they will get lost by those vents . like cx 270 needs a kick for bass , these needs a big kick for highs . there are potholes , i agree . slightly harsh , you wont feel it .

the signature is pleasant cuz of the low highs , which dont stress much , but its got troubles too . at times the speed seems slow .

the ue 350 :-

     its one of my fav , cuz the signature is the most pleasant , i have heard in long long time . the bass is nice , dont hit hard , it feels smooth and controlled , not muddy . mids are really nice , its one of the best at mids , highs are a bit blunt unlike the s3 . once again im gona say the same , its the most forgiving bass earphone . it can stay in your ears for hours and it wont hurt . good thing is its water resistant , and i tested it .

bass :- 7/10 ( you dont hear but feel much , not like cx 400 ) , mids :- 7.5/10 , highs :- 6/10 , isolation :- 7.5/10 .


bass :- its pleasent , not mad at all . impact is what it is all about , it dont make a fake bass sound like the xb21ex , its exact at bass production . goes not slow . but some times loses in too fast tracks . like trance and techno . the bass goes deep and the bass detail is really nice . you wont crave for bass at all , but the amount is not huge like the meelec m9 .

mids :- its not bad at all , finally it dont have potholes in it , at least dont feel like they have any , these are good and makes a flat and constant volume for the mids , dosent matter what the bass is doing . bass goes on to out do the some initial freqs cuz afterall its a bass earphone . but the mids are really nice to talk about , deatils are good and instruments are heard clearly .

highs :- not the best but you wont miss them cuz even if a blunt knife wont cut awesomely but it will cut never the less . its there but not heard that much unless ther is some more to it .

   the best signature earphone here .

the klipsch image s3 :-

     it is one of the best budget earphones . the bass is good , better then the cx 400 II , the mids are really nice , this is what the klipsch are known for , highs are harsh at times , but not unpleasant . it dont feel awesome at time due to the oval tips .

bass :- 7/10 , mids 7.5/10 , highs :- 6.5/10 , isolation :- 7/10 . the highs are hiss , but not bad at all .

bass :-  its the leader in this price range , bass is good , goes deep and the impact is rally nice , dont roll off to the mids at all . dosent have a huge impact but its good enough .


mids :-  its awesome at this ( in its price of course ) the detail is really nice , but you may feel a hole between the bass and the mid , i dont know if its my ear only but it feels like there is some thing missing at that point .

highs :- hisssss . no not all the time but it never misses it in tracks where the highs rises over . not bad , but the hiss could have been controlled .

its not bad at the signature , but the hiss if been omitted , the thing would have been different . lags 5-7 % compared to ue350 .

this is what this review is all about .

cx175 :-

      first thing first , at the first look , it is different , it has a depression which gives it a different look . and a gloss back unhiding the depression .

      as i said before its got better spec then cx 400 II , and it feels right away like that too . the bass is a combination of the cx 400 and ue 350 , it feels and hears good but not fatiguing at all . it good and dont go boom right away , but when it dose it goes deep and nice , its the case with s3 too . the mids are a bit on low when you compare it to s3 and ue 350 , it dont have that much of life , its good but the volume of bass is more . the highs are like mids , low on volume but its better then ue 350 and like the image s3 . dont have that harsh hiss in it .

      the cable is not the best in class , got mirocphonics , but less then the cx 215 . it is supposed to replace the cx 270 , i think .

the signature is bass minded but dosent forget other spectrum too . its better then the cx 400 II , but dont come with pouch or extra tips or cable winder nor shirt clip .

so bass :- 7.5/10 ( not muddy ) , mids :- 7/10 , highs :- 7/10 , isolation :- 7.5/10 .

   one thing i observed that it has some frame lagging in fast paced music .

    the cx 175 is a nice option if you want a good budget earphone , try it at a store , and i belief you will love it , the bass and the whole signature is fun and entertaining .

       cx 175 is a mix of cx215 and she9800 , i cant say you will not find some thing better but these are not bad for $45 . i will recommend it over all of the earphones described above . buy this you will get a bass heavy nice sound signature earphones . you should not ask for much at this price . if you want some lower bass and good clarity just take the sound magic e30 , it will do it .


       hope you will find one soon and write back . and sorry for the delay .

cx 270 .


its the cx270 .

      this is a lower end iem and dont give awesome sound quality . the one with best quality of sound for me is ue350 , cx175 2nd cuz of that lagging frames in trance or house music which needs speed .

      best buy i will say is s3 , cuz it comes with a nice carry pouch and is a nice all rounder . 2nd is ue350 cuz it comes with more tips and a carry case too , 3rd is cx175 . dont buy a cx 400 cuz its oldddd . 4 years old nor the cx270 , inspite of cx 270 do the image s3 . 

      now there is a suggestion , why dont you guys try some ep-600 a $10 earphone which got nice bass and i feel has a good signature too , just $10 for a try will not hurt you guys , try if you can hear it at store before buy , but with out that too i will say if you like bass you will like this too . im hearing it now leaving my ue 700 at my work desk . cheap and wont hurt if lost or breaks .

      cheers . have a nice day . have a nice read .


      i think i should add the e10 , e30 , xb30ex , meelec m6 and the benchmark for this range cc51 , all under $60 or 3k , should we ?

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I'm interested in a review, but I'm not sure if nine other people will enter this thread to say the same. The CX175 is brand new, and still not available here in the US, so many people may not even be aware that it exists!

I know you're trying to gauge interest, but you should just post the review anyway. Your contribution (and those of other members) is valued here.
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      hey , thats the case , i wanna know if people know weather it exists or not . if your dont know it , will you look for it ? its not the best to impress by name " cx 175 " makes it sound like under cx 200 , but its on with cx 300 class .

     i thought i will not post if you guys dont know about it . cuz it takes some effort and time too . still i will post in 2-3 days . putting 4 can in line , listening and observing the changes takes some good time, ( pics to include too ) , takes at least 3-4 hrs .

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+1 definitely post the review if you can, it will serve for the future as well. Though there is no way for me to buy them, seeing how they aren't selling them anywhere... Where did you get yours from? 

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damn those look pretty cool! i want the review!!

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OK, really good review. Was interested in purchasing them, but then red ur post. 


So, I'm looking IEMs just for music for HTC phone mostly flac or 320 v0, usaly rock, metal, classical & jazz (but mainly these months anthrax, motorhead, kansas, R.A.M. ). Now, you sad that there are "lagging frames".  Would you recommend em?


Also, if I try 'em in shop, what should I be listening for? 

In end, I've been recommended by Iljokerl MEElectronics CW31, but I can't test them. Any opinion on CX vs CW?

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       your a rock fan , ( tried the new linkin park album ? ) but if you could do with some less amount of bass , i will also suggest cw31 , they are awesome , dont lag at all . you see , this cx175 are really lagging in frames , try any house track , motorhead can also show you the skipped frames . i will never suggest a cx to any one ( cx175 is most suggested due to its bass and low price in cx line ) . you can get the cc51 , they are really nice . in between there are many . by the way , whats your budget ? upper limit please .

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Sorry for time delay, n thx for answer.
The price ceiling is really low- 40, maybe 45$. Not proud to admit it.
Ill be using them on HTC phone (name Explorer or Pico). GSM arena did good review on phone and this is graph for its audio properties:
but I'm not sure how to interpret it (well).
With PowerAmp it can handle FLAC really well, but it requires decent headset to be heard good (have the suck-ass models and I cant here difference). Also, for this money and equipment IEM choice looks like winner compared to other headphone styles. 
I relay don't want base in my head, had opportunity to get HTC Beats, with mic, rew n fowrd buttons, just hated base in them. Clean, open sound is what I want, for guitars and vocals. I believe that CW31 will fit just right, they must have some of base. Its not surgically removed. Right? Base is just for better sound stage and faster hearing loss. All I need good isolation and half volume on  them.
Last months I cant get enough of that CCWR thing, Lookin' out of my back door, just because of guitar and vocal (haven't tried new linkin park album, wanna listen as much as I can with good set of IEMs). Now I'm all on good n old things, been doing that past year. Seldom are today's things that are as good as any of those old stuff, and they can be heard again with good equipment, I wouldn't care if I heard them before. New stuff can wait ;-)
Again, thx for your word about CX175. Much oblaged.
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      for power amp just fin out if your mobile has that hard ware to run it , and it supports it , for me my s2 and galaxy r power amp is good , but s2 dont show awesome improvement when compared to my galaxy r , get the trial , test by comparing with default music player .

      one thing i can tell you is , a graph only shows how it brings out the sound from a equipment , it cant show the emphasis , cant show any thing else at all . one thing you can say is how are highs and lows and minds , where the dips are and the db count .  thats good enough . the graph is good for you as it shows some low bass and good mids and highs . go for cw31 , they are really nice , power amp has awesome eq built in , tweak that and you will be getting the desired out put .


       you said you dont like bass , i just wonder , if you can find a meelec a151 , its rare , but i just wonder .

       and my friend let me tell you , monster beats and skullcandy are two brands i will never recommend to nay one ever , until its their top tier .

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 10-4  M8


Up until recently I've been using player pro, but half of things on it didn't work. Before that poweramp ruled for about a month. First I didn't realize that it was a trial and reinstalled it, so I've got myself another fifteen days. And then I realized that it might be a trial (after I was done reading Q&A's). When it worked, it was fantastic peace of software, now I'm bummed cause I didn't catch that 2$ deal.


PowerAmp is back now and it runs like a dream on my phone. It doesn't lag at all, even when it runs over 1000kbps FLAC file. 


Ammm... Ehheehehehe, the MEElec a151... It just may happend, my friend.

I've befriended myself with them via facebook yesterday. From time to time they throw on some parity mind-blowing deals. Just now, for 4th July, they gave all those under 50$, cw31 and a151 among them,  for 15$ each, but 2 was max number u could get in pack. Didn't get in time, missed for 2 days :-(


C'est la vie...

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never mind man , so you brought Power amp ? its a nice player , has really nice feature , like ten band eq , bass and treble knobs , and you can save your desired prestes and sign those presets for specific out put , like headphone , speaker , when you plug you headphone it sets the preset you have signed for it . its really nice .

      meelec is a good brand which is kind enough to keep their customers engaged . keep on looking for deals and you may get lucky soon . or get the cw31 man , you dont need to bother much . its a really nice earphone just get some long eartips for it , ( personal experience ) . for $25 these are perfect for you . or find a a151 at nearlt $30-35 .

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Hey, needed to know which pair is better CX 175 or CX 300 II?????

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I listen to stuff like coldplay, paul van dyk, deadmau5, Hans zimmer, David guetta, atb, bryan Adams, linkin park, the wanted, script, usher, avicii, kyau & Albert, Calvin Harris, gym class heroes, skrillex, nickelback, Katy Perry, Chris brown (a bit), Sia, nicki minaj (a bit) taio Cruz, adele ofcourse and few others.....

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Originally Posted by sharangaba View Post

Hey, needed to know which pair is better CX 175 or CX 300 II?????

         cx175 all the way , and image s3 , cw31 , ue 350 and e30 over in sq but under the price .

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Hai friends,

I am new to this forum. Very recently I bought a 'COWON iAudio E2' but the earphone supplied with this mp3 player is not up to the mark. So now I am searching a new pair of IME. After a little bit of research I have short listed Sennheiser CX 175 and Sony MDR XB41EX. Plz. suggest me which one will be better for an over all music listening experience. I prefer clear and crisp music with prominent bass of course not overpowering.


My budget is max. 3K. I am open to any other suggestion too. Plz. help me. I will have it soon.


Thanks & regards.


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