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Sony MDR-7506 vs. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. Which is the better headphone?

Poll Results: Sony MDR-7506 vs. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. Which is the better headphone?

  • 100% (7)
    Sony MDR-7506
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    Sennheiser HD 280 Pro
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I have both the Sony MDR-7506's and the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro's.  Considering factors like build quality, comfort, sound isolation and leakage, and of course sound signature which would you say is the better headphone?  I want to hear from other people.  I find myself going back to Sony MDR-7506 more often than the Senn's maybe because they were my first pair of "decent" cans (I do in fact watch the headfi TV videos and of course cannot afford headphones upwards of 300 dollars and not those 5200 dollar Stax 009's haha)  The Sony's are more comfortable in my opinion but I want to hear from you guys. I think its also worth mentioning that I am very new to head-fi but I also do have a blog.  I wont tell you much about my blog though because my previous account was removed due to me advocating it on head-fi :( Please comment!

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I always personally enjoyed the HD280 Pro, but Sony certainly has the edge.

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How would you say Sony has the edge?  Would you say the MDR-7506's have the edge in sound quality?

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Had the mdr v6 and the hd280. The v6 has survived while the hd280 lies in pieces.
build quality of the v6 is superior in my case.
The bass of the hd280 was more impactful and the isolation was better, but to my ears the hd280 sound was un-naturally colored.
I perfered the v6 for it's better treb extension and flatter frequency response.
The v6 sounds thin in comparison but after a good long session with the v6 alone hou'll hardly notice
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I have both, but now I feel the Audio Techinca ATH-M50 takes the win.  It's got the best of both Sony & Sennheiser in one.

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Thats unfortunate.  I have read many things online about HD 280 Pro's falling to pieces but I have heard conflicting reports that they have changed the plastic used on the cans.  Hopefully mine wont suffer the same fate.

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I really want the ATH-M50's but my budget does not permit it unfortunately.

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I have tried out both pairs at the same time (I have V6s and 7506s) and found myself enjoying finely produced music on the Sonys vs the Sennheisers.


It may be a placebo effect, but I noticed that the vocals on the Sony's don't drown everything else, while other stinker pairs at brick and mortar stores only focus on bass.


The Bass isn't overpowering on the 7506s, but let's not kid and pretend Sennheisers are known for Bass or anything as well.


The 7506s have a larger 3D effect, which is imo better for recording.  The Sennheisers are perfectly fine for DJing and casual listening, they are easily my 2nd favourite headphones out there.  However I always seem to come back to my 7506s.


Damn you Sony

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What about the 380pro?

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The HD380 is an altogether different beast from the HD280, they really can't be compared.  HD380 has much more of the signature laid back Sennheiser sound, Owning the HD580, I would say if you were looking for the HD580/600/650 in a closed can, the HD380 would be the way to go.


Recalling ownership of both, if isolation and to a degree soundstage were most important factors, I would recommend the HD280's.  In all other ways, the MDR-V6 is better.

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just got a chance to demo a sony v6 in the mall last week...

just like the 7506 that i used to have... i like that there is barely any weight on top of the headband.

sound wise... i noticed that the v6 sounded a bit mellower/relaxed at mid-high to high freqs. than the 7506, but v6 has channel leak while 7506 strives not to.

also, it looks like sony ended v6's 28 year production run... for real this time.
better grab them quick on amazon before the supplies dwindle.
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