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I will be attending the Village Headphone Meet in L.A. on Sunday, April22 2012, and bring with me the new white GO-DAP 4.0, which I haven't been able to turn on because my Senns HD700 haven't been shipped out and my other phones Sennheiser's TR180's are wireless and cannot do an amplifier.

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After reading this forum, i have purchased mine.

Standart model : 0PA 2134 - Muse F95 and battery 1580 ma -Firmware 2.0.0


I own soon :

Imod ssd -Imod classic -Alo Imod dock cable _ personal Imod dock.

Headphones are : Grado GS 1000 -PX100- and WM3

Amp : XP7 and Hornet from Ray samuel - fattman 

I have soon used RX from ALO, Predator and P51 mustang from RSA.

I listen essentially Jazz and femal voices.


So first impressions :

Sound GREAT.

sound is really good with alot of power to drive wm3 and Px7 but not enougth fot my GS1000.

welll balanced and good equilibre in the differents range.

Lake of deep in the bass and too much separation in the frequencies.

Sound lake of natural (analog) and is too much "under control"

But globaly it's a great surprise compare to the prise of this unit, and i 'll let it burning for 50 hours .

Concerning ASR function , it's really good to listen MP3 320 KB witch sound like cd .

I have purchased it to listen deezer or spotify on the way, so it's a perfect machine for this use.


So i'll let it burning ( i hope it'll give more aera , less separation and more details)

maybe it' ll be a good think to try some other op Amp like AD 8397 ( i haven't open it and don't know if it's an esay way to do it themself)


Concerning Package, delivery time and quality of this product i'll give The best stars at the companie.


Hope my contibution 'll give you some indication concerning this great product witch is under an imod+ good caps+ Amp for ALAC music, but witch give the best for a really portable system and compress music.

It's a good first approch in the audiofile world.


I'll take you inform after more hours on it.

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