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Grado SR80i Rewire

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Hi Guys,


I have a question for you and hoping for some helpfull answers.


I have a pair of SR80i drivers (with membrane removed, holes punched in the rear and dynamat fitted to the back of the drivers), theser are fitted into a pair of Bocote Wooden cups at the moment using the stock Grado cable.


I have been thinking about rewiring this set of headphones but not sure what to look at. At the moment I have three options open to me, all of these would involve buying the cables ready made, sheathed and terminated and would only require me to solder them onto the driver plates. 


These options would all be 6ft and terminated with a 3.5mm plug:


MCA - using Nucleotide Stranded OCC Copper wire - 24 AWG = $240.00 (£153.00) + Shipping


Ohrenholz - using Mogami Quad 2534 = $65.00 (£41.50) + Shipping


Headphone Lounge - Silver Ray Cable (which I assume is predominantly silver) = $96.00 (£61.27) Shipped


Unfortunately I really dont know much about cables, but would I be right in saying the cables from Headphone Lounge and Ohrenholz would be Silver Based.....if so what is the difference between silver and copper and is copper worth the extra £150+


Anybody have any experience of these cables and can you shed any insight on how they differ or which is likely to be better for the Grado SR80i in Wooden Cups.


Thanks in advance

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So no one he as rewired their Grado's with an aftermarket cable??????

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Well most people probably have not tried these cables on the grado sr-80s because they wouldn't get a huge bump in performance from a $200 cable. My advice would be to build your own cable using some cheap silver wire, a length of cable sheathing like mdpc-x and terminate it with a viablue t6s 3.5mm. 


Did this to one of my grados and the sound was great plus its a nice project 

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Grado's are known for having lots of high frequencies to the expand some think it is tiring for long listening. Silver is also know for high frequencies so I won't have thought this is a good match. I do agree that expansive cable won't add much to them. I would be more fussy about the plug making sure the soldering doesn't come off easily or better still not need soldering.

God luck.
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