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Worst headphones that are supposed to be good are the B&W P5 that I heard a few weeks back. Muffled boring sound that really disappointed me after reading some fairly positive reviews.

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These United Airlines headphones may superficially look ok, but they're supremely uncomfortable, shrill, muddy, and provide zero isolation.  Like UA, they give the surface appearance of providing a function, but with the most unpleasant user experience possible.


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Originally Posted by Nordwestlicht View Post

Audez'e, Grado and other crappy DIY stuff... biggrin.gif
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Did anyone try listening to the airplane headphones using their good portable rigs?

Thats suicide. biggrin.gif

In the interests of science, and personal pain, I dragged my Sony MDR-NC6 out and plugged them into my NobSound MS-10d tube amp to compare them to TakStar 80, KSC-75, etc.

I even replaced the pads with the extras that came with my HA-S-500.

Why? Ouch.

No, the gear and ODAC won't help.

Bad is as bad does.

Narrow nearly mono sound-stage, completely 2-d, lack of detail across the FR, missing harmonics everywhere, no mid lushness, no bass, zero deep bass, the anti-thesis of a basshead, midrange head, soundstage head or neutral head can.

They lasted 90 seconds before I pulled them off. Played 2 tracks and threw in the towel. Life is too short.

They are just bad.

An AM radio in a 1960's auto would sound far superior.
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whatever headphones YOU are currently using now!!!! time to upgrade ;) true story

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New one - Denon AH-W150

I was disappoint.


not 2 weeks after getting them and only about 3 hours on there the left earbud fell off. Sound quality was BASS, BASS and a little bit of mid. Bluetooth worked a pro if they were within a metre of the device and you couldn't have them under your waistline or they wouldn't work and broke up. shame.

Also, they didn't fit under my Arai which is always a negative. 


They were uncomfortable to get a proper fit and were totally not worth the $190nz I paid for them, promptly returned them and got some d340's instead. Lovely cans. 


You'd think Denon would be able to crap out something a little better for that amount of money! 

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