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Fiio E7 DAC vs Graham Slee Voyager.

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Hi Folks,


I've been happily using a Graham Slee Voyager paired with a pair of Sennheiser PXC350 NoiseGard Headphones attached to a 160GB iPod Classic with a Fiio L3 cable for over a year now and have been fairly happy with the combo. I think the weak link could well be the Fiio cable (it fell apart after a couple of months use and is now taped together, but oddly seems more reliable now), but have no clue if I would reap any benefits with this setup with buying a better cable.


So, I've recently had my interest piqued by the Fiio E7 portable DAC amp, mostly because I've recently bought Bitperfect off the App Store to run on my iMac. My main question is, would I have audible benefit investing in the E7 as opposed to using a Profigold 3.5mm jack connector to my Voyager amp? Would there be any point using the Fiio over the Voyager in my day-to-day setup with my iPod Classic?


When I bought the Voyager 2 years ago I believe I invested in an amp that would get better with use (easily over 1000 hours and counting) and still costs a good deal more than the Fiio. Would I likely be disappointed with the Fiio when I've been used to something pricier for so long?


Any guidance you can give a clueless, but keen noob would be much appreciated.

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Hey DB,


once you go down the GS Voyager path, you can't go back! I've tried, with the Arrow 2.3, and nope! and I just got the TTVJ which is supposed to be very colored, WHA! and nope nope nope! they are uber neutral copare to the GS Voyager ZOv1 that I have running in my rig! I am hooked on color! get the ZO and pair it with the Voyager! hubba hubba hubba my friend, the ZO fills in all of the gaps like grout is to tile, creating the MOSAIC of a lifetime!!  that will last and satisfy you for the rest of your life, well until the start of integrated sound chips directly into our brains! tongue.gif!


well until then I am going to get the CLAS next, because with these incrdibly awesome fother mucking ASG-1s, get them... end of story no more IEM search for me, and combined with everything else they will blow me out of the water!!!!  rolleyes.gif and my oh my just how much wetter the water always is on the otherside of the oasis of audio! but I really think I am at the end of my chasing now with these ASGs, Voyager ZO combo, I just want to get a blacker  background, that I know the CLAS will provide amoungst other benifits! so my word of advice is to you to get a good second hand ZO off of the sale forum, sh!tzu, I just saw a ZOv1 selling for $50.00 or so smackaroos!   

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I have a tendency to fall in love with warm, valve driven amps. Would you say this (slightly odd) setup of putting the Digizoid ZO in the way of my GS and the headphones would provide me with a cleaner, but warmer sound?


It might just persuade me that I don't need to buy Denon AH D7000 cans to make my life complete. :)

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TOTALLY! for my rig the ZO has made ALL the differeence in the world, like I said it has filled in the sound like warmishly ssooo, and I have the coutour switch ON, and it really brings in the mids and treble even more, while adding to the bas by extending it even more, as if that was possible,


my rig is as follows, iPod Classic 7th gen>all silver line out dock>GS Voyager, contour switch ON>all silver 3.5 mini>ZOv1 all the way up!>ASG-1s! if people would get over the looks and the size of the Voyager, everybody would be lugging it around like me! the Voyager provides an exceleent sound base for the ZO to do its magic on! and then takes it to another level altogether, nothing like I could have ever imagined, and the all silver interconnects really add to the soundstage, and gives better/more instrument seperation, 


and the BASS oh the BASS! tight full and extended! I've been listening to it ALL day, my ZO is about needing another recharge! and the sound is uber well balanced, with the bass, mids, and sparkling treble!


I am freaking loving the ASG-1s, dude the soundstage is awesome full extended, tight, detailed, another level that I never thought possible! the only thing I need now is the SOLO, but the ZO is a no brainer for me, I use a Crumpler XL Thirsty AL  camera pouch, and a camera strap to haul it around over my shoulder wherever I go! I have pics here http://www.head-fi.org/t/598615/ impressions-graham-slee-voyager#post_8198811

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oh and if you need some great cables at a great price let me know and I will PM you the info, he does great work!

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