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Help identifying L & R pins on 1/8" phone plug

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I'm building an IC to go from my computers 1/8" phone plug style audio output to my preamp. I need to identify which of those two pins is the left and right channel. You can see in the photo there is a center pin and also another pin (kind of a "blade") back behind the center pin, I assume these are Right and Left. Anyone know which is which? Thanks.
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Still need help

I've had two different people tell me the opposite now. Still seeking help. Thanks.
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If you can get a continuity meter of some sort, you can just use...

Tip = left
Ring = right
Sleeve = ground

for the actual plug itself...

What jack is that anyway?
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Ah Chych, thanks for replying. This is so frustrating. Is the center pin definitely the left channel? There has to be an industry standard across the board. Wayne from Bolder Cables says the center pin is left, but Char at the Asylum says that the center pin is the right channel.

If you are saying you know for sure that the center pin is standard left channel let me know, I'd love to make this cable tonight yet!! Thanks!!

Oh, the plug is a Canare plug.
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I was referring to the actual plug itself, the part you stick into the jack...

Ok I just checked with a multimeter on a 1/4" plug I have... The tip corresponds to the center conductor so on the solder side

Sleeve = ground
Center = Left
Blade = Right

Though I would REALLY check with a multimeter since my plug looks a lot different from yours. The standard is definete on the plug side of things.
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Hmm just checked again on my mini-rca cable, that char person is right, tip=right center=left sleeve=ground... that should be definetely correct. The solder side should be checked with a contunity meter.
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Thanks a lot chych, I appreciate it. I was over at Headwize doing a search for this as well and found a post where another person said that on plugs the tip/center pin is the left channel. I will definitely check this with my meter too. Thanks again!!
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Hmmm...no kidding. It's almost as if its opposite between 1/4" and 1/8" plugs. I wonder if maybe Wayne at Bolder was looking at a 1/4" plug, he said he checked out the plug on his headphones. I'll email him to see what kind of a plug he was looking at. Char is actually a Canare dealer, you'd think he knows.

I am halfway through building the cables already, plan to finish them tomorrow. I have the phone plug side completed. I can go ahead and just terminate the RCA's to the other ends because they have no red and black indication on them. I planned to use red and black shrink to label right and left. So I'll just hook the cables up to listen to them, figure out which channel is which with a test CD and then apply the appropriate shrink to label them. Thanks again for your help, I'll let you know what the deal is after I figure it out for future reference.
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Hmmm...on the 1/8" miniplug on standard Sennheiser cables, the tip is right, the center is left and the sleeve is ground. I just reterminated a Senn cable about two days ago, and tested thoroughly before removing the Sennheiser connector (replaced it with Neutrik right angle 1/4" for space reasons...but also seemed to help the sound a lot...at some point I want to a/b this cable with the standard Senn cable, and the Clou, but there's never time...)

That Senn cable is a pain to work with. Good practice though...I've done enough soldering lately that skills are starting to come back...hopefully enough to start tackling a DI/O tomorrow...
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scroll down to about the mid point
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I've been told "left/right/ground, tip/ring/sleeve" for as long as I can remember, but of the four headphones I have on hand, all four reverse this. I tried on three different amps: one fully DIY, one DIY on a pre-made PCB, and one fully commercial. Only the commercial one gets it "right" (i.e. it sends the left channel to the ring connector and the right to the tip). The two DIY'd ones get it "wrong" for obvious reasons.

Damn "standards".

Seems like the reversed method is here to stay though. Now I've gotta go and resolder all of my amps' headphone jacks. Grrrrrrr.....
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