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Brainwavz B2 Discontinued?

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I was trying to look up B2 prices on both Amazon and MP4Nation. It seems MP4Nation is no longer selling these, as it's no longer listed, and Amazon only has third party sellers. 


Anybody got more information about this? Like when and why it was discontinued? I enjoy mine and think it's got a nice balance between UE700 and ER4-PT. There was such hype and wait with the release of the B2, seems strange that they'd just pull it from their product line like that. Is there a problem with it? Or low sales figure?


Anybody shed some light onto this? 

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The B2 is indeed a well regarded product. How long have the B2 been in production?

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They are out of stock and will be back late February....


Thanks for the linky.



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Still no news on availability?

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Originally Posted by TemplarUK View Post

I see they are back on pre-order...

Thanks for the great news!

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New site design is cool.

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reminder ... june 28th is supposedly the date announced by mp4 nation for brainwavz b2 stock arrival...

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... but of course the date can always change :)   Like it did on the HM5 earlier in the year for instance... 


I did get my pre-order in on the b2, really looking forward the them, based on all the reviews should be a very interesting IEM

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