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Best IEM under $40

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I am looking at buying an IEM for under $40 that has a lot of bass and great sound quality.  I have looked into getting the JVC xtreme xplosives and some of the sony extra bass series.  Does anyone know some good IEM's for under $40 with good bass?

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Imo the Panasonic RP-HJE450 is better than the JVC HAFX1X. The HJE450 has strong bass that is more natural sounding, and has better midrange and highs. The HJE450 is also much more compact. The HAFX1X sticks far out of the ear.

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Which kind of music do you listen too and do you own both headphones?


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For under 40$, I suggest just getting a SHE3580 or a Monoprice 8320... Even joker admits it has ridiculous bang/buck value... wink.gif


The downside of these cheap IEM's is just the limited amount of accessories and alot of microphonic......

but in the SQ department, they can go up against some Brainwavz IEM's

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Another vote for the Monoprice 8320

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If you are willing to spend close to $40, the Soundmagic E10 is good.


If you want to go really cheap, the $8 JVC Riptidz is nice for the price.

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Seconded. I love mine. Light, comfortable, great sound and inexpensive. I simply could not get a seal with the Mono 8320 no matter how many tips I tried.

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Soundmagic E10. Ask Joker!

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Sound magic E10

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How about the Klipsch S3? They can be bought here for like $35.  IMO it's a great deal for a solid pair of IEMs

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