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For Sale: FS: Mini^3

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For Sale:
FS: Mini^3

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is the high-performance version of the Mini^3 amplifier, built by me two years ago. It has a very bright green power LED, and an ultraviolet (visibly purple) charging LED. I put in a new 9.6V 230mAh battery last month. I'll be the first to admit my casework is bad; the drilled holes for the plugs are rather sloppy. However I guarantee you that the internal work is very well done and the casework does not hinder funcitonality; I loved it with my Ety ER4S but I've downsized and no longer carry it around with me. One thing to note is that this listing does NOT include a charger. The Mini^3 accepts many laptop chargers, and if yours does not fit a charger can be found at a general electronics store for ~$5-$10.  


$85 shipped

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shipping now included

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price dropped to $85 shipped

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sale pending

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