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I'm going to buy some sort of portable player and a good pair of headphones, and have a few questions:


1) Should I definitely buy a headphone amp? If so, does the price matter than much or is an amp just an amp. Do some amps let you set an EQ setting by adjusting the individual frequencies (bar chart thing).


2) Can I connect a portable DAC to a player e.g.


If so, what kind of line-out / connection does it need to plug into? I've heard you need a digital line-out or something to bypass the DAC in the player. (I'm pretty new to this stuff).


3) Does the DAC in the player matter than much if I have a good amp? I'm wondering if I can play through an iPod / random mp3 player / Samsung Galaxy S (with Wolfson), using my amp with each, and expect similar quality.


4) Can anyone recommend good players, or even just brands? I'm going to use MP3 320kbps for anything but an iPod 5G / equally huge player, in which case I'll use FLAC.


The player must actually be easy to use - I know you can get some which sound amazing but are an absolute pain to use and look like digital cameras from the 90s. Ideally something fairly slim (but it doesn't have to be, I'd be happy with something a little thicker than an iPod classic) with a nice screen and easy to use input e.g. clickwheel, buttons which don't fail etc. A range for different budgets will be nice, as I haven't yet decided on how much I'm going to spend.


Thanks in advance.