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Grado s60 rant... and recommend me some new headphones please :)

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So i bought the grado s60's off amazon after meticulous analysis of internet reviews. Costing  €100 which is a huge amount more than what you pay for them in america($60!!!) i thought well at least they'll be worth it since i loved the clear and crisp sound of my XD-53's(which cost me €150) before the jack broke so i thought they'd still be good value for my taste. They arrived a couple days ago, they've been on my head since the get go and all i can say is... worst headphones ever.


The sound from them is completely washed out, slight improvement after 2 days of continuous play "burning them in", though my brain is completely scrambled from listening to my music through these things, only maybe 5-10% of my songs sound okay on them, the rest sound washed out and just painful to listen to... literally... i've had to go back to a €25 pair of failing razor gaming headphones i bought about 4 years ago because the grado's are just unbearable.


I also ordered a cheap usb sound card from amazon that arrived today which helped improve the sound a little more but still overall unbearable :(




So i decided this time before i buy a new pair to actually post asking for advise instead of just reading old threads.

My last 2 pairs of headphones before the grado's were:



Sennheiser HD 428 which were nice and comfortable but were slightly dull sound quality wise, the cable was also verrrrry thin and it wore out, splitting in several places and eventually losing connection to the cup/driver(whatever you call it) after a year of use

Allen & Heath XD-53 which had amazing sound quality but were incredibly uncomfortable; thin pads and hard metallic inside = very sore ears, i think they're intended for dj use though bass was surprisingly light.




I listen to all kinds of music, though when there's nothing specific i want to listen to i'll put on some electronic/chillout or classical for "background relaxation" which probably makes up a large percentage of my listening.


Sound quality is the most important thing for me, extra bass is okay as long as its not overdone. Good sound isolation is very welcome but takes a backseat, comfort comes next then looks last.


Right now i'm looking at the sony v600 or v700dj, which are proabably a more reliable all round choice.


Thanks for reading this far and if you have any suggestions for headphones that might fit my bill don't be afraid to chime in <3






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I don't understand how you could have been so disappointed with the sr60 but to each his own.

Anyways consider some audio technica cans like the ath-es7. They are pretty darn clear and have more bass than the grados
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Here's the problem: you didn't get the L-cush pads.


The flats that come with the SR60i are a crime against audio. They're awful. They let the sound refract everywhere. No good sound at all. Before you throw the Grados out, all I can say is get the L-cush pads. They are mandatory with Grado as far as I'm concerned. The L-cush focuses everything. They're clear (with some grain, but Grados have grain, it's part of their sound), crisp, forward mids, plenty of attack, and the bass actually really comes to life with the L-cush (Grados have good thump to them with the right pads, even for someone like me). I really wish they'd stop selling anything but Lcush pads on their prestige line. Most of the higher up in the line come with Lcush, but the base models come with those flat things that completely suck.


It's a $20 fix.


SR60i_05.jpg SR60i_06.jpg


If you don't already have them, seriously give them a shot. The Lcush make a difference. Big time difference.


If you're truly looking for a new headphone, and you want a nice sound, some good kick but not too much bass, isolation and comfort, let's make a list of headphones for you to check out:


Panasonic HTF600 with Velour Pads

CAD MH310 (AKG 240 Velour Pads fit it by the way)

Brainwavz  HM5 (both leather & velour pads come with it, superb isolation)

M-Audio Q40

Beyer Dynamics DT770

AKG K550 or K271

AudioTechnica A900X (great sound stage, wonderful overall sound) or the older A900

Sennheiser HD449 (new kid on the block)

Shure SRH840 (a staple)

KRK KNS 8400

Denon D2000 (phenomenal headphone, ridiculous comfort)


Check 'em.


Very best,



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Those that you may like (what I would consider good all around cans) within the same general price range as the 60's in the U.S.:


CAL's (Creative Aurvana Live!),  the AKG k 240 studio.


For a little more, if you liked the Senn sound: HD 518.

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Thanks for the replies <3


Can't get the l-cush pads shipped to ireland from amazon uk sadly, they'd cost me €30 if i could and tbh i think id rather just cut my losses at this stage.


So far out of the suggested headphones the sennheisers look to be the best choice for what i ideally want to spend but both the 499 and 518 series look to have that thin flimsy cable that will probably render them useless after a year of my usage...


I may shell out some extra for those m-audio q40's since they look to have a replacable cable though finding one will be a pain im sure if i ever need to X)

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