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Originally Posted by oqvist View Post

Tried it now and it does support bitstreamed DTS while playing a DST MASTER HD drive.


It also have some DTS recode option I am not sure what it´s for. According to my receiver same end result.


Thanks a lot for checking this out, oqvist! That is good news. So, just to be sure, if you play a Blu-ray disc and select a DTS HD Master Audio track, it outputs 'regular' DTS bitstream at the coaxial/optical output?


I think i'm going to order this player then ...

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Yes correct. Might add I tried optical but I would assume they work the same as they usually do :)

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Received the player last week. I was pleased that also in my setup the DTS core bitstream is being send to the coaxial output when playing a DTS HD track. But unfotunately there are some other problems.


First is that in the case of a TrueHD track, there is not a standaard Dolby Digital bitstream signal send out to the coaxial output. I do get some sound, but according to my AV processor it is not Dolby Digital. Also the volume is way lower then normal in that case. Maybe it is some downmixed bitstream or so in 2 channel PCM.


Furthermore, two of my Blu-rays i can't play on the ASUS (Road to Perdition and A Single Man). I do get in the 'menu' but without the text of it. So i can't select anything and have tried to start the movie with some other buttons on the remote, but it doesn't work :(


I have the latest firmware installed (1.05.01P).

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If Denon get the firmware sorted on  this thing, I'll be all over it like a rash.   biggrin.gif





Audio Jitter (Ps):

Jitter: 158 Ps

An excellent result; in the same class as audiophile-quality CD players.



File Formats Supported DivX, WMA, DivX Plus HD, AAC, Kodak Picture CD




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It has played all my dvds and blurays so far but there has been a handful of crashes. don´t have the bluray discs mentioned.


As for noise levels it varies heavilly for bluray. It goes from inaudible where on some discs it approaches PS3 levels! Picture wise I believe I will use my BDT320 more since I do generally preferr it

I have an easier time getting the colours where I want it where on the BDS-700 so far when I get the same colours it get a bit over saturated at times and harsher. BDT320 somehow manages to be both sharp and soft at the same time with colours that is always rich but don´t appear to exaggerated. BDS-700 stock the actors often get pale white but maybe that is an artistic touch or just how it´s. You have to use a lot of make up for skin not appearing lacking colour.

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