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Brainwavz: M2 for movies?

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I prefer to watch movies with In-ear's as they are a lot more comfortable than using full size headphones when from a distance and not having to worry about leakage, not enough isolation, etc...


I am considering the Brainwavz M1 or M2 for watching movies, my current canalphones are the Vsonic Gr02 but i find them to be too muddy and slow sounding for watching movies, the M1 and M2 are around half the price but i've read really good reviews for both and are wondering how they'd hold up with movies, i am looking for a similar sound to the Audio-Technica ATH M50  (Flat, clear, fun, punchy bass, etc)


And how do they compare to the ATH-M50 or GR02 if anyone here has listened to those.



I also watch action, horror and comedy movies if it matters...

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I will try to do some comparing for you tonight with my Brainwavz M2 and ATH-M50 both connected to my m903.  I will runs a ton of movies through them and see if I like one over the other.  The M2 has a wider sound stage than the M50 that is for sure.

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Thank you...

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For movies the M2 does a much better job.  The mid range is much more prominent and they have a much bigger sound stage.  The M50 was not that bad, it just lacked the life that the M2 gave to the movie.

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What movies did you watch out of curiosity?

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I actually tested them using the audio from Star Wars: The Old Republic.  They recorded it at better than CD quality and it has so many cut scenes and action sequences I thought it would be a very good test.  I did not have the time to fully watch a ton of movies, but it was very clear which one I would prefer.  I needed the soundstage the most as well as an up-front mid range which the M2 has.  I do like my M50 for music, but evidently not for movies.

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How is the comfort and how much do they leak?

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Neither one leaks sound.  The M2 is completely quiet when sealed properly.  I have used my M2 on an airplane using some T-400 foam tips and was able to keep the volume down to reasonable levels without compensating for sound masking.


Both are comfortable.  The M2 hurt my ears a bit until I installed the T-400 foam tips.  They rested on my inner ear oddly and the foam relieved the discomfort completely.

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@ytisawfulnow i would also recommend looking at the M4. The M4 have a wide soundstage, good bass (not as much as M2), good detail and vocals really come out clear. There have been others on our forums that have commented that the M4 are really good for videos.

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I can get the M2 for $75  and the  M4 for $79   (Both free postage)  which would you reccomend?

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Either will do fine so why not go for the one that is cheaper?

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