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For Sale:
Spring Cleaning in February

Will Ship To: CONUS

Valuable-like things, all in unused condition:

  • 2x OPA637AP (from Digikey), $40 for both
  • 6x BUF634P (from Digikey), $40 for all
  • AMB Gamma1 DAC board (no USB board), shipping-only
  • 2x Nichicon Muse 3300uF 100V, $8 for both
  • 5x Nichicon Muse 220uF 50V, $3 for all
  • 6x Nichicon Muse 470uF 50V, $3 for all
  • 3x iPod dock connectors (unknown maker), $3 for all

Other things:

  • 1x Gumstix Overo Air, slightly used, $80
  • 1x Gumstix Summit, heavily used (one broken USB plug), $20
  • 1x PPAS portable amp built by Fallen Angel (pictures by request), some insane number of hours, $100

Heavy things:

Grab bags, which will only be sold as bags; it's not really worth it to split them up:

  • Assorted resistors, capacitors, and passive components. Some leftovers from a DAC build, some other things. Who knows? $10
  • Cable building stuff; 2 completed cables (1 APSv2 cable that's rather short, 1 covered in nice techflex). Some Canare, a bunch of Rean 3.5mm's, a Rean 6.35mm, an ugly extension cable, and more, but no RCA jacks. $40
  • I don't even know? Stuff. Just stuff. Price is for shipping-only; best bet is just tossed into a flat rate box. Actually, anyone who buys one of the prior two is liable to get this added in.

For now, I'm only going to do CONUS and USPS flat-rate boxes for the heavy things and the grab bags. The "valuable-like" and "other" things are a bit more flexible, though I'd still like to keep them CONUS-only.


I have good feedback here as a buyer and a seller, and I don't smoke.


Thanks for the interest!




EDIT #1: no RCA jacks in the cable building kit, and bags won't be split up.

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