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I would say Beyerdynamic, solely for the exclusivity factor. As far as I know the competition will be low for you.( none of the big chain stores )  Ultrasones as well for similar reasons.

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I won't even bother to name all the usual brands.. how come a hifi shop needs to ask them? Other than getting free advertising here. ;-)


Anyway, how about Hifiman? It's becoming pretty popular and acclaimed.


We even got distribution now here far away in Finland and the prices are almost the same as US$ which is surprising. So it suggests the distribution chain is good (or our local one is selling them dirt cheap with no profit).


I don't know what it usually takes to be an "authorized seller", but how hard can it be to offer all popular brands? Even the small stores here can sell you pretty much anything (never mind the price).


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Just get the Beats, they might suck in quality, but I've heard they are popular lol. All the "cool" kids want to have em


Or you could try AKG lol... This is old link, but it was funny when it happend http://en.gigazine.net/news/20090511_k701/

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