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^Thanks, both of you!  Brian did just email me back and said that he wanted to get out existing orders before taking any new orders.  I'll take a look at Ted and FitEar's cables.  There was only one other cable that I heard about and that was the 000.  But I thought that was really expensive and also kind of stiff.  So, I have some more checking to do.  As long as it is easier to buy just cables rather than FitEar IEMs.  ;) 


EDIT:  Thinking about it, the memory wire on the 001 is not long enough or stiff enough so I wouldn't want to try another FitEar cable.  And the right angle plugs may not work with my phone case.  Ted's site does not have a FitEar option shown, have heard good things about him but the cable that Brian offers and shows specifically for FitEar looks really good.  I replied to Brian and hope he gets me in queue soon.

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