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Wanted: WTB Monster Miles Davis Tribute

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WTB Monster Miles Davis Tribute

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm looking for a like-new or brand new Miles Davis Tribute earphones. It goes without saying that they have to be authentic. I'm in Toronto, Canada and the price I'm looking to pay is $200 OBO with shipping on top (we can discuss the shipping rate on an individual bases).


If you have pictures of the earphones, with the right-angle connector plug and filters (if open box) that would be great. Thanks for looking!!

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I have a pair, but I have managed to chip some of the gold off of them, so they're not really like new. Just a heads up, though, if you're interested at all and can't find another seller.


Also, there is no adapter that comes with the MDT's. Also, what filters are you talking about?

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Thanks for letting me know. I'd prefer a set that's at least lnib, but I will consider it if I don't get any other offers.


Sorry, I meant to say the 3.5mm plug and the filters (grills) are the parts you see when you take off the eartips: example shown here

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Thanks for match making but I already inquired but he only ships to the states :)

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Would you be interested in a like new pair of Monster Turbine Copper Pro with warranty on them?

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