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For Sale: Nuforce Icon HDP DAC/Amp

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For Sale:
Nuforce Icon HDP DAC/Amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere



$315 including shipping to CONUS. International shipping +$15 and/or any insurance charges if you want me to ship insured.


I have a black and silver one that are NIB. The one displayed is my personal one and isn't for sale.


These are currently powering my Grados, Sennheiser HD580, and IEM's (with impedance adapter) perfectly, don't miss out on a solid deal!


Buy with confidence, you guys all know who I am by now :D






NuForce Icon HDP

| MSRP $449

   "World-class performance from your digital source"
High Performance Headphone Amp, DAC and Preamp

The Nuforce Icon HDP incorporates a full-speed USB DAC (24bit/96kHz) and full-function S/PDIF D/A converter (24bit/192kHz), plus a headphone-amplifier circuit and preamp output. Supporting digital USB, S/PDIF in coaxial and 3.5mm optical (3.5mm) modes, along with an analog line input, the HDP accommodates all manner of audio devices. The Icon HDP, which has been designed to serve as the heart of a high-performance audio system, competes head-on with DACs and preamps costing several times its price.

Note: The Icon HDP employs the same DAC as our high-end CDP-8 (MSRP $1450.00) and a preamp similar to that of the P-8S (MSRP $1650.00). The following design features contributed to the stellar performance of the Icon HDP:

  • The digital input has no capacitors in its signal path. The analog input utilizes a single DC-decoupling capacitor.
  • Components along the signal path are minimized.
  • The 24/96 USB interface outputs a I2S signal to a high-quality DAC.
  • The digital circuit occupies a separate daughter board.
  • The DAC chip consists of four internal 24/192kHz DACs that provide a fully differential and balanced output. The differential signal's DC offset operates without a need for decoupling caps.
  • Digital and analog voltages each have separately isolated internal power regulations.


  • USB 2.0 Full Speed compliant and 1.1 supported, 8-96kHz/16-24-bit (88.2kHz is not supported)
  • S/PDIF input: Coaxial up to 192kHz/24-bit or Optical up to 192kHz/24-bit
  • Analog input: 3.5mm or RCA input
  • Audiophile-grade DA converter
  • Low-distortion, high-current headphone amplifier
  • High quality analog volume control

Subwoofer connection - a RCA male to two RCA female AudioQuest adapter can be used to provide extra connection to subwoofer.


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