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For Sale: Grado RS1i

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For Sale:
Grado RS1i

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought them knowing I loved the SR60's a long long time ago when my head-fi journey was just starting, so I thought I would give these a shot.  Turns out I simply don't like the sound.  I used them for about 5 hours after I got them.


Price includes USPS priority shipping in US.  Paypal gift or 3% extra.  International only to those with enough positive feedback (determined by me) and additional shipping charges paid by buyer.

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You might want to lower your expectations a bit or throw in cash.
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This is definitely not a straight trade request.  There would be a lot of cash going from my end for the HD800, and at least some for the Hifiman's.  Should have made that clear.  Thanks for the reply.  The trade value I'm looking for is exactly what I paid, which is $465 plus a moneygram fee of $10, so $475 trade value of my RS1i.  Cash difference between that and market value of the traded headphone will be sent along with the RS1i.


Edit: I don't think the HE-5LE's require cash exchanging hands (or maybe even some coming my way based on a recent listing).

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Yes, re: the 5le, I probably agree- price has been drive down due to He500 in a similar way to what happened with the LCD2.1 when the 2.2 came out.

I own the 6s and found the 5le to be very harsh and over bearing. I am usually not bother by those things as I often recommend the D5000s over the 650s for those who are just in it for our enjoyment, but still. I believe the fellow had Moon Cables too.

Have you thought about the T1s?
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I also think you may be undervaluing your RS1s depending on the condition. I think 5 something is a reasonable value in a trade. They aren't cheap new...
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olsonc84 -- did you carefully examine the original FS posting?  It had a cable problem which on an rs-1 is not so easy to fix...

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Hi, I noticed you have a pair of JH13s for sale and that you might be interested in the HiFi Man HE-5LE. I am after a pair of JH13s and have a pair of HE-5LEs that I'd consider trading. If you are interested let me know.


I purchased my HE-5LEs last year from Head Direct. I've used my HE-5LEs with my home rig - Cambridge audio 840 amp and CD player with balanced interconnects and headphone cables from Stefan Audio Art (Endorphins). The Endorphin headphone cables connect directly to the speaker outputs on my 840 amp and it drives them beautifully. I have the stock HE-5LE cables (single ended and balanced adaptor), box, manual etc all in as new condition. I find I use my portable set-up (ipod + CLAS + ALO RxII and ACS T1) more than my home set up as I'm out and about so much and figure I can probably do without my home set up.


Note I've sent my HE-5LEs for replacement as I had some trouble with signal dropping out of the left ear piece when the cable was attached securely but it would be fine if attached loosely?!...I'm expecting a brand new HE-5LE to be returned to me shortly (may take a week or two to ship from Hong Kong, was told by Head Diirect distributor in Hong Kong they were ready to ship a week ago). If you are interested in a swap, you'd be receiving a new set of HE-5LEs phones plus the original box and stock cables in as new condition.


I'm based in Australia.


Best regards,



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Just FS now.  I've tried and acquired all the headphones I want now.  I will trade (+ my cash) for a tube amp or AT HA5000 amp that trade for more than $465.  DNA sonett, WA6SE, Svetlana 2, Yamamoto HA-02, among others.

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