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AKG K44 ($19 at GuitarCenter) Very nice budget phones

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Picked some of these up at Guitar Center for $20 or so, on sale for President's day weekend. Don't expect a very full or detailed review. I've listened to them for less than 20 minutes. This after using my Denon D2000s for 4 years. I didn't know if $20 headphones could satisfy me. But they do.


Pretty comfortable and nice looking. Also quite plasticy, they make noise if you move your head around, so not good portable phones. Hard to complain for $20.


Hmm what else....ah yes, the sound! Audio quality is very satisfying. Especially for $20. Did I mention they were only $20?


More thoughts after I put some more time into them. I use headphones for long periods of time so I wonder how they will feel after a 2-4 hour session.


Here's the Guitar Center link http://www.guitarcenter.com/AKG-K-44MKII-Headphones-105153514-i1469833.gc?esid=105153514

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Have been curious about these lower end AKG's  I've heard they offer good performance for the price and are not that far behind K141 quality.  It's amazing how sometimes cheaper headphones can really give more expensive headphones a run for their money.  Almost as if the manufacturer has made them too good.  The KSC75 is another good example.  Was very impressed with those considering their price. If I'd paid five times the price I would not have been dissapointed.  They are really something else. Such clarity.  Igrado too.  Was not so impressed with the supposedly good for the price HD202 though the sound was coherent enough. Good for throwing in a suitcase for travel though.

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I got the AKG M 80 Mk II on a $29.99 special.  They have decent frequency response, but are not very good otherwise.  In a blind test, I would not have placed them as made by AKG.


The Gear One G900DX I got from the same vendor and at the same price were at least a step better.

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These are the first cans I tried out and what got me looking at hi fi. I must say very good sound quality for the price. I like them more then the senn hd 201 which are around the same price. They are uncomfortable because my ear touches the driver but i fixed this by putting circles of medical tubing underneath the pads.

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I got a pair last year and found the driver almost looks identical to the HD-497. In fact, I couldn't tell any difference.


Out of the box the bass is severely bloated . When you EQ these, you can get them to sound almost like a perfectly flat studio monitor. The comfort isn't bad too.


For $20 and EQed they're very good.

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Agreed, they have more bass than anything else in their sound.


However they are the most enjoyable $20 headphones I have ever used. Beats our everything else at that price range.

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Not so great for long periods of time either I must report. Ears get a bit moist after 45 mins or so. Reminds me I've been goofing off on the computer too long at least, aha. Still very happy with them.

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Lol, I just ordered a set at guitar center, for $19 you can't go wrong.

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Yeah. I bought these, like them better than my V6's in some ways. $20 is a great, great deal for them too.

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Happened to see this on a random visit to a Guitar Center.  For $20, you can do a lot worse.  


It's all plastic, not a piece of metal to be found.  The box says Supraural but it is circumaural, though on the small side.  It's comfortable, but if you have a really big head or ears, this set will be uncomfortable.  


As for the sound?  EQ is absolutely necessary to get the best out of these cans.  As is, it's bloaty in the bass, mids somewhat recessed, and trebles/high end a bit of detail because of this ugly bump in the bass.  Bumping down the bass and boosting the mids and trebles helps to even out the sound profile.  Bass extension is ridiculous, even with EQ toning down the bass as low as my Walkman can handle.  Ridiculous.  Soundstage is about average as closed cans go.  


It does isolate quite a bit without the clamping down on your head like a vice syndrome.  It's got that going for it.  


HOWEVER, given that Newegg has had MDR-ZX500s in the past for $25ish (and will probably have them in that range, most likely), I'd say wait for that, as it does better unEQ'd. 

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I noticed these are on sale at GuitarCenter again for $19. Exceptional budget phones. I'm still using mine almost 2 years later (although now I'm awaiting my NAD Viso HP50s in the mail). You won't find anything better for anywhere near the price, that's for sure. Would make a nice Christmas gift for someone as well.

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