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Originally Posted by shotgunshane View Post

I know exactly what you're talking about comparing the GR07 bass to the W4.


No, the mids aren't recessed at all.  They are very comparable to the RE262, which has the best mids I've heard in a universal.  I loved the intimacy of the W4 mids, they were just lacking some clarity and transparency.  The treble on the W4 is weightier and the treble on the Merlin is lighter, crisper and airier.  Both are very well done.




There goes my wallet.


Thank you so much for the replies, invaluable!

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This adds nothing but, great review! Looking forward to the coming comparisons.

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Nice review shotgunshane (whether there is so-called jargon in it or not). Just like everyone likes different sound signature and hear differently, people write and convey themselves in different way. For me, that is what makes head-fi exciting (meeting people from all over the world who have similar and different views and styles). I'm glad you found this IEM as being agreeable to you. It's one I've been interested in too, but I don't know if I could have waited out the three months (lol).


Excuse me if I missed it, but is the Merlin as warm as the W4? Again, thanks for the great review. As I always say, us audiophiles are living in exciting times with all of the choices we have. Happy listening!! beerchug.gif

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Originally Posted by ericp10 View Post

Excuse me if I missed it, but is the Merlin as warm as the W4? Again, thanks for the great review.

No, I don't think it is as warm as the W4.  I don't have these 2 phones on hand but I think I'd put it in between the GR07 and W4 in warmth.  Or better yet,  it has similar warmth to and maybe just a hair warmer than the RE262.


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Good review.  Well written and enjoyable to read.  I will be going back to this review and compare what I am hearing with your impressions when I get my Merlins back.  Cudos my man, the review was well worth the wait. 

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I decided to start an official appreciation thread.  I tried to gather up all the impressions, reviews and pictures on head-fi to link in the first few posts.  Please let me know if you have any you want to add.  The appreciation thread can be found here:


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Thank you for the great review.

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WoW Awesome Review mate, You Absolutely nailed it!!!! I haven't had my beast for a long time now, interesting you compared the mids to 262......cant wait to hear my Merlin again when he arrives.....

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Originally Posted by shotgunshane View Post

Up next?  Well a Future Sonics MG6Pro is what’s next.  Impressions were sent off to FS as this review was written.  I’m keeping the next few posts reserved for the incoming MG6pros and whatever else may follow.  An Aurisonics AS-2 this summer perhaps?  To be continued…

Great. Two CIEMs that make me especially curious.


Originally Posted by shotgunshane View Post

Reserved.  Oops, one too many.

Guess you'll have to buy a fourth CIEM, then.

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Good read, great review.


Nice customs by the way. What color did you use for the faceplate and body?

Might be reshelling an IEM of mine with UM and make one with a similar color scheme.


Hope you don't mind wink_face.gif

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Thanks. It's called smoked black. It was a very popular color combo during the promo.
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Very concise, to-the-point and well written review, thanks for an interesting read! Having said that, the Merlins have been on my radar due to their hybrid design, but (as you know) I'm not a fan of thick and intimate mids or upfront soundstaging, so it seems my wallet remains save this time. wink.gif


Regarding your and Eric's comments about the W4, I don't perceive these as overly warm, a bit warmish perhaps, but overall very well balanced and close to my uber-neutral UERMs. Might be a matter of tip choice though, since they change a lot with tips (I use reversed olives).

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Those pics should be under the adult image filter cause they look sextacular. Love the look of the Merlins. Thanks for the review Shane. The Merlins have been in my sights for awhile now. 

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Thanks for all the compliments!


@James444, I found the larger the aperture of the tip, the more clarity I got out of the W4.  The new Earsonics biflanges were my favorite.

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First picture and my thoughts were "how the hell does he post pictures of my Merlins?". Then I realize that you only have tips in red and blue and I have the whole body. Although I wanted black (like BLACK) faceplate, the smoked one looks kinda nice too.


And for the first time, I've got perfect fit with a custom IEM without the need to refit - nice job UM! Funny thing, my impressions were doing two nice young ladies (one per ear ;), who... never did impressions for earphones before. They didn't even charged me for that. Am I lucky or what?


Although I like the Merlins very much (my best IEMs so far), I'm really looking forward to the MG6pro comparisons. I simply love the bass of the Atrios - Merlins do they work great, but not quiet there in the feeling of that lowest bass (that sweet rumble and tickle of the subbass notes).

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