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What DC charger to get for the CmoyBB?

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So i'm thinking about getting the CmoyBB but my main problem is, what charger to get? I input the part numbers in the other store they recommend but nothing shows up. 

So does anyone have an exact link of which charger I can buy online? I don't want to mess it up by buying the wrong one. 

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It is very easy to use the wrong adapter with the cMoyBB and it will blow a chip in the amp.  I know because it happened to me.  I now use a Nextech 15V 1000MA adapter with two cMoyBB that I own and have had no further problems.  One of my cMoyBB is permanently attached to this adapter and the other amp I charge as needed.  Excellent little amp and great customer service from JDSlabs.

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Where can I order that? Plus does it have a regulator? I would hate having to time to charge it
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This is the best one:


Xicon 12VDC, 500mA with 1.3 x 3.4mm connector Mouser.com Part# 412-112055  Price: $11.34



I use it.  It's great.

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Sorry no regulator so you have to time it.  If you have not ordered your cMoyBB yet get John at JDSlabs to send you an adapter with your amp.  I think they charge $10 and you can combine the shipping.

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Do you have to message them seperately? I don't see any adapter in the store. Or are you talking about when you order the rechargeable battery they install it automatically? 

Also should I just wait for the E17 to get in stock? Its killing me haha

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Apple:  I'm not trying to give you a hard time, but I don't get why you're confused.  John doesn't sell the adapter that should be used with the cMoy.  He sells the TriadWAU12-200 for the O2.  The one I mentioned in my post is the one he recommends as being the best for the cMoy (as per the JDS owner's manual/paperwork that came with my cMoy).

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@johthor-15V charger for 1*9V cmoy??
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sorry to bump an old thread but.. I was given an older cmoy amp (version 2.02) and am currently looking for a power adapter. i read the manual and it says i need a dc adapter with a 2.5mm jack and a positive tip, but i have no idea what that means to be honest (esp. positive tip part)

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