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Don't know which topic this should be under :S

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Hi people,


I have a couple of questions for you. Basically, at the moment I'm in a state of postponing my music "sorting-out", as I try to research what would be best. I have around 500-1000 song 'details' (title, artist, album stored in Spotify, text files etc.) and I want to know how I should go about obtaining them as files (or if I should just subscribe to Spotify Premium).


Right now I'm just listening with Etymotic MC5s, through an iPod, my phone, my PC etc. - nothing remotely audiophile-worthy. I don't expect to have anything more than that, other than possibly a portable amp, some nice headphones, and maybe a solid portable player + sound card for my PC for the next few years at least. In 4-5 years I could see myself possibly splashing out on a home system, but at the moment when I see something like this http://i235.photobucket.com/albums/ee46/Yikes99/System1-1.jpg?t=1216170866 I want to cry because of how little I know :P .


I'm inclined to buy the songs from somewhere such as 7Digital, Spotify, HMVDigital etc. which would mean 320kbps MP3s, and make do with those, as there's no way I could hear the difference between those and lossless files with my current equipment. Will I need to then go for lossless when it comes to getting my home system, or will the MP3s sound the same? And if I do then want lossless / decide to go for it now, how am I supposed to get it?


I'm not going to buy albums, because I never listen to whole albums - I normally pick out the odd song to build a collection, and as such my 500-1000 (can't even remember how many there are, they're spread over so many lists) will probably span the same number of albums, which would cost thousands of pounds to purchase in album form. How do you guys get your lossless music?


Answer any of my questions and I'll be very thankful





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I use AAC 256 VBR for all of my listening, even on my main stereo. No audible difference. I'm sure MP3 320 is pretty comparable.

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Go do an ABX



here. download foobar. when downloading use full installation.
download the two tracks on the page. drag them into foobar. select both of them. right click-->utilies-->ABX two tracks
if the ABX two tracks does not appear download tthis
read that.

now do the test. or just read the page. most audiophiles ..can not tell it apart..well not tell it apart. but have a hard time too.. remember to hide results. it messes u up..well it did for me



now to do a personal test. after you ripped your CD into lossless. i would recommend going back into teh settings menu and changing import to AAC encoder. and use the settings of "itunes plus" this is what itunes rips it as. and click ok. then go to the song you like and know. and right click and make this copy. and then rename it to that songs name plus something so you know it's a new version. then ABX this yourself. and see if you can tell it apart. it takes about a minute to learn how to use ABX but it's fairly simple. listen to A and B and X and Y...then vote if X sounds like A or B and Y if it sounds like A or B 


this will show you if you can tell a difference. but..lf you don't have a CD to rip that you like to listen to then don't mind the personal test. the thread above will provide you with a lossless copy of a song.

remember to hide results. that messed up a lot for me as i got by my own results. for that thread and music..yes. i could tell the difference between the two..but the thing is.. there wasn't any audio distortion in the 320kbps. they sounded different, but the lossy one didn't sound bad. they jsut sounded different. i have all(95% alac on my computer) and load the ones i like onto my ipod. i still have a lot of space so i just leave it in ALAC. but when i start running out. i will start converting songs i know i wont' be able to tell apart into MP3 320kbps(128kbps per channel) or AAC 256kbps and load them onto my ipod and load the ones i know i i will be able to tell apart onto my pod in ALAC.

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