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the Rocketfish Atmos...honestly suprising to my ears...anyone else?

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Hey Head-Fi'ers. I was in the local Best Buy tonight and figured out I could disconnect their display headphones up under the shelf and plug them into my own source (iPhone4 via headphone out at the time). I hadn't noticed the Rocketfish Atmos on previouse visits. I plugged in and put them on. And dang, was I actually rather impressed. I listened to Apple Lossless versions of Adele - Someone Like You, and Wale - Focused along with a 320kbps mp3 of Rihanna - You da One. Just prior to this I listened to the first two of those songs on some Senn 428 cans at the same display. The Rocketfish set definitely added some bass to the picture but overall they were simply great. All three tracks sounded very clear to my ears and still had great highs and mids on the Adele and Rihanna cuts even with the added bass.


Now I am certainly no audiophile as of yet. Though I am thoroughly enjoying my MBP > E10 > M50 setup along with my LOD > E6 > same M50s on the phone that I purchased after my initial searching and learning here and elsewhere. That being said, those are my first "real" phones so I am learning. The reviews on the Atmos honestly aren't great internet wide, but though they retail at $120 in Best Buy, I can get a set on Amazon for $25 shipped! I have $26 in gift card hanging around on Amazon so I am pretty sure I'm gonna bite that bullet and give them a whirl. I mean for $25 how could I hardly go wrong, right? Right...!? blink.gif


Couldn't find any other reviews or mentions after a few different search queries here on Head-Fi. Anyone out there given these a shot???

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hi!  I also went to Best Buy and connected the Rocketfish Atmos to my iPhone.

I was very impressed.  Good overall sound.  And excellent bass.

I'm planning to buy an over the ear headphone that has a sound quality on par with some of my earphones [eg, the Velodyne Vpulse].  The Rocketfish might be that one!

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You might think I'm crazy, but I've bought Rocketfish stuff in the past and it's always impressed me. Reminds me of the Newegg House Brand stuff that is surprisingly decent. I believe Rocketfish is the Best Buy brand. Maybe a premium brand along with Insignia. Isn't Insignia a Best Buy brand too?


I have two of their 2.5" HD silver cases. Use two in a Raid 1 array biggrin.gif


I saw these headphones and thought they sounded decent, but didn't really listen for long because they kept making a buzzing sound. They had a lot of clamping force, but were fairly comfortable.


They do seem a bit expensive..


Hopefully we see some reviews of them. I could use a Noise Cancelling headphone to block out my boss yelling at me all the time.

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I'll have to agree - Best 'phones I've ever had/heard (under $300). I've now had 4 of them, as 2 of them broke (flimsy ear joint), and all were of equal quality, so this was not a fluke. Word got out about the easy-brake nature of these, though, so they went away quietly, managed to get the last 2 pair for half of what I paid originally.


Like you guys, I also discovered them at BestBuy, plugging in my iphone, and they were the best they had there. 


If you see them for closeout on amazon, get a pair, just treat them lightly or the ear joint will snap. 

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