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The RP21 was all the rage here around 2008-2009. I'm not quite sure why they got less popular because they seemed to be pretty good headphones. I haven't had the pleasure of hearing how they sound, but I doubt they'd be objectionable at all.

As far as open headphones go, I have a feeling you'd either love or be lukewarm about the DT880. I love a bright, snappy sound with electronic music, which the DT880 and Sony SA5000 do fantastically, but you may want a bit more bass, at least initially, being accustomed to the bassy CX55. Regardless, it'll only take a few days to really adjust to a less bassy headphone and they'd probably be something you'd use for a longer time than something with a lot of bass. You'd probably want something with a bit of power to drive the DT880's though. I haven't been able to hear the DT880 unamped (well I have through my Blackberry, which isn't a good source to use as an example) from a dedicated or capable DAP, but I doubt it'd be worse than the Equation Audios. The SA5000 is something you should check out too. I adore it for electronic and folk, but it's very hard to actually recommend because they sound weird to most people. The Sennheiser HD600 is one of the least objectionable headphones I can think of, but that may be its downfall since while it's an amazing headphone, it may sound a bit you too tame. If you're feeling lucky, you could scour for a used AKG K401. Fantastic headphone, but likes power. Still fully regretting not buying a. NOS pair I was offered for under $100. I hadn't heard a better value since...*flamesuit on* the Beyerdynamic DT48 I bought for $50.