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SoundMagic ES18

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I someday browsed on Sm website and saw ES18, which seems old PL18 with new colours. Then i saw specs- it has 10mm driver instead of 9mm used on PL18. Other specs was identical as E10. So i searched where i can buy it. It was available only on taobao, so i used agent- In china it costs 80 Yuan- half of PL30 price. I throw in 3 sets of foam tips, each costs 10 Yuan). Then i needed pay all taxes and at the end it costed me about $25. If ES18 sound like E10 or E30 it would be steal.


This is pic from agent before shipment. I choosed airmail because of price and it isn't noticably faster than China post.

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Just 2 days ago I bought the PL18! Oh well.


How's the sound quality compared to the PL18?

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i havent yet got it, it is just shipped. but i think i will get it after 2-3 weeks.
about pl18- it was well built and comfortable. in sq it was small stepdown of pl30. pl21 is bit more expensive and better, especcialy if you love bass
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I've run some measurement with ES18.

It's a very great IEM! Very low distortion and quite flat frequency response.

I'll post my review later!


The silicon tip can't provide good seal. Try comply foam T400, the IEM sounds even better then some $200 phones to me, with comply foam.



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yes, my es18 is on my country, probably, monday i will get them. very fast shipping(singapoure post)

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they are in post
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just got them, sounds on par with e30, so superb value

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How can I get these?

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from taobao through any agent- i used
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it comes with pouch and 3 pairs of tips. suprisingly this is first sm in ear set without shirt clip included. it is combined from lots of earlier sm earphones- housing from pl18, drivers from e10, plug from pl50. only cable is new and feel and looks cheap. i have listened it more and for $19 its crazy value. when it will available from internet retailers i think it will cost about $11-14.
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I doubt it. In case the SQ is similar to the one of E10, it would cost a lot more.

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trust me, it is e10 only on cheaper housings to save money.
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Hi, Thanks for all the info. I read the whole thread and still confused between ES18 and PL18. I am just about to order one of these and the price is same. Which one should I buy? Which one do you prefer out of PL18 and ES18?


Is the build quality (wire and all) too cheap and lacks on quality?


What are the accessories provided with a new PL18?


If offered for $8 which one would you buy - PL18 or ES18?

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PL 13 is also available at exact same price. Which one should I buy. I am getting a good deal on a site and the deal expires in 1hr 31 mins from now (i.e, midnight IST). So, need to decide fast :)

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