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For Sale: FS Fostex TR50P modded

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS Fostex TR50P modded

Will Ship To: Anywhere



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These are still available?  No takers?  Unfortunately, Fostex suffered a big hit with their factory in Japan last year due to the Tsunami.  It has taken them nearly a year to rebuild the factory and they are starting to ramp up production.  At the moment, there are probably only a small  handful of T50RP headphones available for purchase.  Sadly, I saw a guy selling a pair on Amazon last evening for $150.00.  Plus, factor in the Shure 840 pads which run another $15 - $20 and that's the icing on the cake. wink.gif



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Well now maybe I need to up the price lol. Still here yes. For now.

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PM Sent to you ... but, my hands, or should I say paws were slapped a bit by the CFO of our household.  Apparently, the new Grado and Shure ear pads that arrived from B&H Photo as well as my 2 pair of HifiMAN headphones about a week and a half ago, kind of put the kibosh on things.  mad.gif



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