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For Trade:
FT: "Cedarpants" (Non-Smeggy Thunderpants)/TF10/DBA-02 for FX700

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For trade is a pair of "Cedarpants". They are identical in design and function as a pair of Thunderpants; not made by Smeggy, but by jschristian44. Contrary to the name, my pair was made with mahogany ear cups, not cedar. They have been given a nice natural finish, probably little to no varnish on the cups themselves. The condition of the wood is excellent, bearing no cracks or flaws whatsoever.


Included is a pair of SRH940 pads that have been neatly attached with black electrical tape. I do mean neatly, not just slapped on; they have been tightly and evenly wound around the edge of the pads and look quite nice. I found the original T50 pads to not give a good seal or be comfortable at all, so I modded them with the spare pads to my SRH940. They are now extremely comfortable and give excellent seal, much like a Beyerdynamic would.


The cable has been wrapped in black Techflex and is terminated to a high-quality 1/8 Rean (rebranded Neutrik, I think) plug.


I may also be willing to trade for my TF10, DBA-02, or some combination. The condition of both of these is excellent with all original tips and accessories, sans one ear guide for the DBAs.

As the title states, I am looking to trade these for a pair of JVC FX700. I have been absolutely lusting for a pair for a couple of years, but never pulled the trigger, and I believe this would be a fair trade given the value of both headphones.


I would prefer to keep this trade within CONUS to reduce shipping costs, but international offers are welcome. Just shoot me a PM and we'll discuss shipping costs. Pictures can be provided if interested in a transaction.


Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions!



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