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For Sale: FS: DHC Nucleotide LCD-2/LCD-3 Cable - 5 Feet

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For Sale:
FS: DHC Nucleotide LCD-2/LCD-3 Cable - 5 Feet

Will Ship To: Canada, CONUS

I recently sold my Audez'e LCD-2's, and now have a DHC Nucleotide cable which I do not need anymore.


The Nucleotide wire is made with 7N (99.99999%) cryo-treated OCC copper. I have been using it with all of my headphones ever since I tried it for the first time. I find it sonically equivalent to the TWag V2 silver wire.


The length of the cable is approximately 5 feet. The wire insulation is the newest dark model, which gives it a very nice look.


The cable is currently terminated with an RSA balanced plug, but I can reterminate it to 1/4" with a Furutech FP-704, or to 4-pin XLR with a Neutrik NC4MX. Both are very high quality plugs. The retermination is free of charge.


I'm looking for $140 $120 shipped anywhere in North America. Paypal fees are on me.


Send me a PM if you're interested. ;)

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