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The best headphone money can buy?

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Just wondering, what is the best headphones money can buy? 

Thanks, Fred 


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getting barak obama to handwind you some headphones probably. should run you around 3-4 countries, maybe even a sub-continent.


on topic:

now i'm no headphone guru, but i'm guessing custom made 'boutique' headphones

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Most people would say Sennheiser Orpheus or Stax SR-009.

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Sony r10
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In production, Stax SR-009.
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Monster Beats by Barack Obama, its just like that sometimes

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The mythical Sennheiser HD 850.

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The ones you can reasonably afford?
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Ummm, Denon D2000. 

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In production: Stax SR-009, at just over $5000


Out of production, there are some "legendary" headphones that come up on the used market every now and then, for nearly that cost or more, like the Sony MDR-R10 or the Sennheiser Orpheus. Opinions vary on what's really the best, but the Orpheus is probably the most expensive, unless some celebrity custom-made a pair of Monster Beats encrusted in real diamonds.

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The true beats by dre.



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Ultrasone EDITION 10

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The Stax SR-009, no question.  Period.  End of discussion.  They piss all over the HE90s

Originally Posted by Redrider469 View Post

Ultrasone EDITION 10

ROFL classic! 

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Originally Posted by El_Doug View Post

ROFL classic! 

They're only the most expensive headphones out there....

Everyone's preference, when it comes to sound, is different so might as well go with the most expensive right?

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