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headphone choices, too many...

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Ok, I am in the market for some "nice" headphones.  I'm looking to spend no more than $200.  I mostly listen to metal and other types of rock. I do also like 80's pop.  Thats about it when it comes to music.  I plan on using these new heaphones for pc gaming and for the music I mentioned.  From my own research on these forums, amazon, cnet, etc... I have narrowed down my options to several choices.  I'd like to narrow it down some more but also, if there are other options that you all think I should consider then by all means please mention them. I'd prefer closed back design but if the open air design is going to sound that much better then I am willing to consider those as well.   


I'm considering the following:


Grado SR225i

Sennheiser HD25 1-ii

Audio Technica ATH-M50

Klipsch Image one

Sony MDR-V6


Unfortunately I don't have access to any of these with the exception of the klipsch image ones.  And they sounded really good to me with the 80's pop and even some techno but I felt like they lacked a little when it came to metal.  and metal/hard rock is the majority of what I listen.



They all fall in my price range and seem to have great reviews.  I found that most people tend to recommend the SR225i's and HD25 1-ii's for metal and rock.  I'm fairly new into the "nice" headphone market so experienced feedback is much appreciated. 




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Get yourself some grados for sure. Great quality, good sound an they fit what you need other than closed back. They're reasonably priced on amazon.

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The SR-225i and HD-25-1 II are certainly worth considering.  I'd also look into the Ultrasone HFI-780 and Shure SRH-840. 

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I will check out the shures and ultrasone for sure.  Thank you.  Keep the feedback coming guys.  

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I have HD 25 Adidas and V6.

I would take Senns over V6 any time, - but as it is, I'll keep both.

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