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Beyerdynamic DT-831 repairing

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Hello everyone!

I've owned these headphones for allmost 10 years and I'm not going to replace them anytime soon. The question is that are there any spare parts that I can buy? The textile in the earcups are done for because of my ears, they are nearly gone because of everyday usage. Tips on how to disassemble these are also appreciated, here is a picture of what I mean by "textile".


Also sometimes when i lean back i can hear some clicking sound from inside the earphones, does anyone know where this sound comes from?


Ps. Greetings from Finland o/
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All spare parts for the DT831 are available here, but it seems you need EDT770V (silver grey) or EDT770VB (black) ear pads, which can be bought from many places.


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Thanks for the info! It seems that beyerdynamic still sells those so I'm going to ask my local retailer if they can get some from bd.

Still looking for info about the clicking sound.
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The textile on the ear pads are sometimes referred to as velour, may help you search English-based retailers better.

The clicking sound might be a piece of hair stuck against the diaphragm. I notice you don't have the fuzzy pads over the drivers.... I don't know if DT-831 ever had them.

Be careful replacing your ear pads. Some of the older Beyers do not make it easy to replace the pads.
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